IAEE Board of Directors Board Meeting Yields Significant Decisions



DALLAS, 15 September 2011 – At its annual planning meeting 8-9 September 2011 at the Frankfurt Messe in Frankfurt, Germany the IAEE board of directors engaged in strategic discussions and made a number of important decisions.

Broadening Education and Industry Promotion Activities

The board adopted the organization’s fiscal 2012 budget revealing increasing emphasis on IAEE’s promotion of the unique value of face-to-face exhibitions and the further expansion of its education and learning opportunities for members which is a key provision of the associations’ strategic plan. A new staff position, Senior Manager, Learning Experiences was approved. The position will be primarily responsible for conducting a needs analysis based on an exhibition industry job study, which is now underway, that will yield more targeted programs. The position will also be responsible for working with the marketing department to develop effective marketing messaging and managing the social media marketing content of all education programs.

Meeting with German Trade Fair Officials

IAEE leaders also met with the senior leadership of the German Trade Fair Association (AUMA). Dr. Peter Neven, Managing Director of AUMA and Marco Spinger, Director of the Division of Global Markets exchanged data with the board and received a comprehensive briefing based upon data recently gathered by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR). Among the issues that were discussed is the way most European trade fairs report visitor data compared to how United States events report attendees. European events report attendee data based upon a projection of daily attendance which means that if one attendee visits a fair three times it is reported as three attendees, whereas events in the U.S. report only the number of attendees, irrespective of how many times that person may visit the event. Because of the complexities involved in the reporting differences it was agreed to broaden and continue the discussion to determine if there is a practical way to conform reporting procedures.

CEO Transition Plan Announced

IAEE’s long-time President Steven Hacker, CAE, FSAE will step down from the IAEE CEO position when his employment agreement expires on 30 September 2012. The board has developed a comprehensive transition plan. “Having served IAEE since 1992 has been a remarkably rewarding experience. IAEE’s leadership will now turn its attention to the very important task of finding a staff leader for the next phase of IAEEs’ future. Allowing a full year for the process assures members that a very deliberative process will take place, that there will be no disruption to operations, and that an appropriate turn-over of responsibilities will take place,” Hacker said.

Chairman of the IAEE Board of Directors Vinnie Polito, says, “We all think highly of Steven and the way he has represented IAEE for the past two decades.  Giving us a year in which to properly plan for this important transition is an incredibly valuable opportunity that many other organizations do not enjoy. We will now turn our attention to carefully analyzing what kind of staff leadership the association may require in the years ahead. IAEE has an outstanding headquarters staff that we value highly. Making the right CEO selection is critical both for them and for us as members.  IAEE will issue periodic updates about the CEO transition plan. For now, however, it is premature for anyone to send in letters and/or resumes. “

IAEE Awards Approved

The IAEE board of directors approved the recommendations of the Awards Committee for a series of annual awards that will recognize the outstanding achievement of several members. Awards recipients will be announced separately.

Jimmie Dee Fore Scholarship Contribution Approved

Legendary IAEE member Jimmie Dee Fore passed away earlier this year. A Scholarship in his name has been created. IAEE will contribute to the scholarship and urges members who would like to do so to contact Miguel Cabrera, program manager for development, University of Houston, at (713) 743-1523 or mcabrera3@uh.edu.

Fore’s career reached a pinnacle in 2005 when he risked his health and his life to remain at the helm of the Morial Convention Center during Hurricane Katrina as the facility hosted thousands of New Orleans residents who were stranded, homeless, destitute and sometimes lawless. He oversaw the $60 million cleanup and reconstruction of the battered facility, which was able to host events just six months after the storm.

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