Krakoff Leadership Institute

Krakoff Leadership Institute
7-9 August 2016

The Waterfront Beach Resort, A Hilton Hotel
Huntington Beach, California

Good leaders are made not born.

There are certain things you must be, know, and do and these do not come naturally. Leaders are able to inspire and influence others to accomplish objectives and goals.  Becoming an effective leader requires a relentless process of self-study, education, training, and experience.

IAEE provides a multiyear tailored education program for everyone who aspires to be involved with IAEE and obtain an industry or organizational leadership role. The multiyear education program includes the Krakoff Leadership Institute and the Krakoff Advanced Leadership Institute, which provide participants with the intelligence and connection they will need as tomorrow’s industry leaders. Both programs offer emerging leaders the opportunity to learn from industry experts while enjoying the intimacy of a small group learning environment designed to build lasting relationships. 

The Krakoff Leadership Institute brings together individuals interested in learning more about themselves so they can get involved and become effective strategists, contributors, facilitators and the innovators. This highly interactive curriculum integrates theory and practice to ensure institute participants leave capable of both thinking better and doing better.  This program is designed for those with 3-5 years’ experience in the industry.

Through active participation, participants will gain a greater understanding of how to:

• Align personal and professional values as well as manage opposing values
• Leverage personal strengths and weaknesses (DISC) to promote and motivate excellence with differing work styles
• Form effective teams by recognizing barriers and integrating intervention techniques to achieve synergistic results
• Communicate effectively in a diverse and global industry to maximize value and decrease misunderstandings
• Address and manage conflict in the workplace with skill to minimize disruptions to work and to create a harmonious work environment
• Apply processes and tools to develop a strategic plan to navigate needs, trends, issues and develop solutions that deliver the  greatest impact and value
• Evolve personal leadership skills through intentional self-evaluation
• Earn 12 hours towards CEM recertification

IAEE Members Only


Thanks to the CEIR Foundation, IAEE is offering scholarships to KLI applicants who qualify to attend and may need financial assistance. If you are interested in a KLI scholarship, click here to see if you qualify to receive assistance.

What Past Participants Are Saying:

"Being a young professional of only 27, I was incredibly nervous and excited when I got my confirmation for the 2014 KLI Class. I really didn’t know what to expect, besides the fact that my peers who had previously attended the class absolutely loved it.

I entered the class hoping for some magic solution on how to interact more efficiently with people older than myself. I had grown accustomed to the impression of "How could this kid possibly know what he is doing?" 

Obviously, there is no magic solution, but the class taught me how to interact with different types of people, and based on their personality, how to best communicate with them. It also helped me to start thinking differently about myself, and break down mental barriers that were holding me back personally and professionally. 

It’s really incredible how much that short class changed my outlook on my personal and professional world. I have already applied many of the things I have learned in class to my everyday life. I would highly recommend KLI to any young professional that wants to take their leadership skills to the next level."

Sheldon Kaye, CEM
Operation Manager / IT Administrator

"KLI was something I'd heard people rave about, but never quite understood why. I have great leadership in my organization and feel like I have my personal development on track. I went along not really knowing what to expect. However, I was surprised about how much I gained on all levels.

Erick Burton, as a facilitator, was astute, perceptive and attentive to everyone. He really knows how to pinpoint your action points and make you accountable. The atmosphere, whilst at times serious, was very supportive but also fun! It was a great learning environment.

I would say that the time I spent in Savannah was worth it; if you want self-discovery, deep friendships and a clear path to contribute to your industry, then KLI is a must!"

Tammy Porto
Account Executive
ASP Inc.



IAEE’s Krakoff Leadership Institute, formerly the Future Leaders Institute, provides the intelligence and connection tomorrow’s leaders need in order to discuss issues with key decision makers and build strategic business relationships. The Institute develops leadership skills and broad industry knowledge for future leaders of the exhibitions and events industry, and it creates a close support network among participants and enhances motivational and communication skills. 

In 2007, the Exhibition Industry Foundation Board of Trustees created the Robert Krakoff Award as a scholarship program that focused on providing financial support to persons who hold the potential to become a future leader of the industry. It provided assistance for those who were financially challenged to participate in IAEE’s Future Leaders Institute. Mr. Krakoff had agreed to participate as IAEE’s first Legend of the Industry, an important part of IAEE’s Future Leaders Institute; however, he passed away before the event. He was genuinely excited about having the chance to share his passion for the industry with a group of future leaders. The creation of a scholarship program in his name seemed to be a very appropriate way to remind us all of the enormous contributions he made through his leadership of so many vital organizations. Knowing his passion for the industry, the IAEE Board of Directors confirmed that year to rename the Future Leaders Institute to the Krakoff Leadership Institute.