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The IAEE Sales Academy Professional Certificate Program

Was Held 29-30 May 2013

Traditional selling techniques are ineffective in today's business environment. Buyers have heard all the lines and gimmicks before. That's why they can so easily control a sales call -- and destroy a sales person's self esteem in the process.

We will share our experiences in developing and executing sales and business development tactics.

You'll hear more about increasing your revenue through your sales process, than in an entire lifetime of business!

This intensive session will help you: 

• Install proven methodology to uncover and understand the buying motive, attitude and behaviors of their clients in real time.
• Uncover compelling reasons to do business (solution, not product focus).
• Adopt a customized, solutions based approach to selling.
• Validate budget before developing proposals and solutions.
• Shorten the sales cycle by using a system to qualify business case, budget and decision process.
• Understand people, communications styles, and bonding and rapport.
• Identify psychological selling weaknesses and avoid becoming emotionally involved in the sales process.


Note to CEMs: By completing the IAEE Sales Academy, you will earn 12 professional development hours toward recertification of the CEM designation.


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If you are looking for theory, [or] a lecture to say ‘I went to a Sales Training,’ DON'T GO. If you want to truly challenge yourself and what you are doing or not doing in the sales process that just might make a positive impact, then check it out!!”

Participant 2012

"The IAEE Sales Academy is a great program to enhance ones sales techniques. Whether you are a young professional just starting your career or an industry veteran with an established portfolio, I would highly recommend looking into this top notch program."

Participant 2012

"The IAEE Sales Academy Professional Certificate Program teaches you how to approach every client with the right attitude and a level of understanding such that you are truly fulfilling your client's need. The time spent interacting with the other participants provided great insight into the practical nature of the information being presented. The sales strategy and techniques learned in this course will help me to become more efficient in both generating new sales, as well as building upon existing relationships with current clients."

Participant 2012

"I strongly recommend Matt Neuberger and Neuberger and Associates for any training program.  We started the first ever sales training effort leveraging Matt’s firm and the scores for all of this training sessions are still the benchmark for success here at PMMI.  He averages a 9 out of 10 for his events, where other PMMI events score in the 7-8 range.  During the two years I oversaw the program, we put about 100 members through the program via a regular series of small working group sessions across the country in major member company markets.  All of them “sold out” at about the 15 person level, which is a good level for the hands on aspect of training.

We also used Matt as a key note speaker for both our Annual Meeting and a special “Prepare for PACK EXPO” exhibitor training session and, finally, we are currently using him for a series of webinars.  The economy has impacted our participation rates, but his evaluation scores remain the highest we have ever seen.  Personally, he is a professional and is extremely collaborative in terms of content deliver and marketing.  We’ve appreciated his efforts and I would highly recommend him in just about any training situation."

Matt Croson
Vice President, Member Services & Communications
Packaging Machinery Manufactures Institute

"I have been able to consistently take what used to be a 6-8 month sales cycle and bring it to a decision in 2-3 months.  The bottom line is that I've never enjoyed selling more.  It has made my career even more enjoyable."

 Pam O'Neill
 Regional Sales Manager

 "With your Training, our business has grown by 44% in less than a year. "

Thomas Fulner
Vice President/General Manager
PIP Printing, Northwest