2016 Art of the Show Competition

2016 AOS Competition Logo Horiz

Promoting your show takes expertise, originality and planning. Capturing your target audience’s attention and making sure they see the value in your show takes a lot of creativity. Developing just the right promotional collateral to do all of the above takes a great deal of attention and skill. IAEE wants to recognize those who promote their exhibitions vividly and successfully. The IAEE Art of the Show Competition recognizes the know-how, inventiveness and preparation required to successfully market an event. This is your chance to show off your Art of the Show!

Check out the 2016 Art of the Show Winners and Honorable Mentions Gallery!

New & Improved in 2016!

Last year, we debuted a new system that makes it easier, faster and more user-friendly than ever to enter the Art of the Show Competition! This year, we completely updated the category descriptions to provide in-depth details for criteria the judges will be using to evaluate the entries. We have also included questions to guide you in each category’s submission form, giving you every opportunity to make the most of your entry before you start the submission process. In addition to revamping the current categories, we have added a Social Media Campaign category to the mix.

Check out all the changes and gather your marketing collateral – click here to enter the Art of the Show Competition today!


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