Public & Consumer Event Resources

Today, the exhibitions and events industry has an estimated value in excess of $100 billion with nearly 13,000 trade shows produced domestically and more than 20,000 trade shows held internationally. Approximately 3,000 of these events are public or consumer shows.

Exhibitions and events provide an invaluable platform for industries to come together and for people to conduct business. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) reports that the industry is recovering and there are positive indicators according to the CEIR Index that for the first time in several quarters there will be industry growth.

Despite this positive reflection, there is competition for consumers' attention, time, and money from marketing mediums like the Internet, specialty television channels, satellite radio, online advertising, digital signage, podcasts and e-mail campaigns.  These alternatives are attractive to consumers since organizers face travel challenges, rising costs, economic uncertainty and budget cuts. It is a challenge to convince consumers who have many demands on their time that they will receive value for exhibiting and/or attending a trade show. 

IAEE and its Public Events Council are dedicated in providing resources to the public/consumer show organizer.