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Certified Exhibition Task Force

An IAEE Certified Exhibition Task Force was formed in 2013 to explore the feasibility for success in IAEE offering an event certification program to further best practices standards for the events and exhibitions industry. It was the consensus of the task force that the program may provide member organizers a way to promote their event or exhibition, as one that follows a consistent set of event or exhibition best practices.

At its meeting in August 2013, general board consensus is to continue to define the concept to develop it into a “must have” certification but keeping it simple and allowing for growth over time based on participation and available resources. There should be an element of growth potential from the start‐up program and it should be a global program. Verifying attendance for events will be a key component but will need to be addressed on the global level as international attendance is verified differently than in the U.S.



Randy Bauler, CEM
Corporate Relations & Exhibits Director, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

Board Liaison

Stephen Sind
President & CEO, Global Event Strategies LLC

Staff Liaisons

Nicole Bowman, MBA
Scott Craighead, CEM