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CEM Learning Programme

Exam Process

In order to receive credit for a CEM course, each candidate is required to take and pass the corresponding examination within 90 days from the last day of a CEM course. If an exam is not completed within the 90-day window, IAEE will enter a score of zero into the candidate’s record. The candidate will then be required to pay a $25.00 administrative fee to “retake” the exam and will have 30 days to take it. If the candidate fails the exam or misses the exam during the 30-day period, the candidate will be required to retake the course and the exam at full cost in order to receive credit for the course. All CEM exams are completed online and must be proctored to protect the integrity of the exam.

Procedures for Taking an Examination after Successful Completion of an Online Course

1. Locate a Proctor – The program requires that a current CEM serve as the proctor for all exams. A list of CEM Proctors is available for those who do not know a CEM in their area. If arrangements with a current CEM or local proctor from the list cannot be made, the candidate’s Human Resources Director or Manager may act as a proctor as long as there is not a direct reporting relationship. Both the candidate and proctor will need to decide on a location, date and time that work for both parties.

2. Schedule an Exam – To schedule an exam, the candidate is required to fill out the Exam Request Form located online. Every Friday, exam instructions for those who have requested to take their exam the following week will be emailed to both the candidate and proctor. Included in the proctor email will be an exam password which is good for one attempt at the exam. Included in the exam instructions will be directions for accessing Elevate, IAEE’s online learning management system used to take all CEM exams. Candidates will have until the end of the week to complete their exam.

3. Take Exam – For the exam, the candidate will need a computer with reliable Internet access and a power source or battery life of at least one hour, if using a laptop. Once the exam is complete, the proctor will send the necessary forms to IAEE. If an issue arises and there is a change in proctor, it is the candidate’s responsibility to contact IAEE at +1 (972) 687-9224 or by email at

Procedures for Taking an Examination after Successful Completion of an On-Location Course

Candidates have two options for completing their examination after an on-location course. Candidates may stay and take the exam after the course ends at 3:30 p.m., or they may choose to take the exam at a later date, but within 90 days of the course date.

1. Take Exam Immediately Following Course – Complimentary Wi-Fi access is provided so students have the option of taking the exam directly after an on-location course ends. In this case, candidates will need to bring a laptop or Wi-Fi enabled device and a battery life of at least one hour. The CEM instructor or IAEE onsite staff representative will act as the proctor and instruct students on the exam process. Exam results letter will be emailed to students within two weeks of the exam.

2. Take Exam at a Later Date – If candidates are unable to bring a laptop or Wi-Fi enabled device or for candidates who choose to wait to take the exam, the Procedures for Taking an Examination after Successful Completion of an Online Course will be followed.

Retaking a CEM Exam

Candidates who do not receive a passing score will need to retake the exam within one year in order to receive credit for the course. The fee to retake a CEM Exam is $25.00 and a CEM Exam Retake Form must be completed and submitted to IAEE. If the retake exam is not passed, it is a CEM Learning Program requirement that the candidate register for the course a second time and pass the required exam in order to proceed towards the CEM designation.