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CEM Learning Program

Josephine (Josie) Caldwell, CEM-AP, DES

Senior Client Relationship Director, Freeman

Since earning her degree at The American University, Josie Zámolyi Caldwell, CEM-AP, DES has been involved in the meetings and events industry. She currently is a Senior Client Relationship Director for Freeman. Her expertise as a seasoned event professional in the Meetings and Events industry has helped her in her career by being able to adapt to different business situations. Her passion is events and tradeshows!

She supports her teams to provide customer solutions and pricing that create value for clients. She understands how to coordinate with the operational arm of an organization to deliver the personal and unique aspects of each event. Josie has embraced the industry and enjoys sharing her knowledge with her industry family. Once meeting Josie in person, clients know that she is very transparent, genuinely cares and is a true team partner and embraces challenges all around.

In her spare time, Josie’s passion for cooking, has turned into “Josie’s FUN Kitchen” a YouTube Channel where Josie has FUN sharing her cooking tips and recipes.