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CEM Learning Program
CEM Learning Program

Ryan Lovell, CEM-AP

Environmental Producer, Freeman

Ryan’s career spans three decades with a background in exhibit design & fabrication, sales, creative design, and project management. From humble beginnings of summer jobs in graphics and carpentry shops, his experiences in custom exhibits lead him into the contracting side of the industry where he has spent the last fifteen years honing the craft of delivering exceptional events and success to show organizers across the country.

In more recent years, Ryan has become increasingly active in IAEE circles including the local DFW Chapter Board of Directors, the Expo! Expo! Advisory Committee, IAEE Education Committee, and after earning his CEM in 2015, went on to join the CEM Faculty. He is proud to have had the opportunity to graduate from the inaugural CEM-AP Program and earn the new designation with four other industry colleagues in 2019. Ryan is very passionate about continuing education, teaching, mentoring, and sharing his experiences with the next generation of event industry professionals.