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¡Calienta tu mercado frío con ropa promocional de invierno!

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The changing weather is an amazing opportunity for your business. Promotional gifts that help keep them warm will have them singing your praises all winter long. Assemble an entire promotional wardrobe from these cold weather picks:


Winter Accessories

Winter accessories are a great way to warm up your market without worrying about size! The Fleece Pocket Scarf protects exposed skin and offers a spot for their keys. Pair it with a set of matching Knit Gloves to make a big impression. The Deluxe Touch Screen Gloves offer a media-friendly option. If you prefer one-stop shopping, the Cozy Fleece Gift Set includes matching scarf, beanie and gloves.


copy-of-template-1-image-2-1Layering Pieces

Layering provides interesting opportunities to promote your brand. The Gauntlet Long Sleeve Compression Shirt provides a moisture-wicking under-layer that warms without overheating. If you want to pile layers over the top of clothes instead, the Yerba 1/4 Zip Wicking Pullover offers a sleek option. If the temperatures aren’t too cold, a vest can help. Choose a lighter-weight Crossland Fleece Vest or a puffy Whistler Light Down Vest.



Winter hats are great for brand launches and team attire because they have universal appeal. The Knit Beanie with Cuff comes in many colors. For an extra playful touch, try the Pom Pom Cuff Beanie with Stripes o el Heidi Tassel Hat with Microfleece Lining, with whimsical ear flaps. On the adventuresome side, there’s the Outdoor Cap Camo Knit Beanie.



When it’s finally time to get out the jackets, you can be there with personalized outerwear. Start with the Edge Soft Shell Jacket when the temperatures are just starting to drop. Or try the Droxford Parka, which covers more of the body. For full winter, try the Brooklyn Puffer Jacket o Avalanche Heavyweight Jacket.

FUENTE:  ¡Calienta tu mercado frío con ropa promocional de invierno!

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