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Enfoque del Consejo de Líderes del Capítulo... Una entrevista con Mary Ellen Chapdelaine, CEM, vicepresidenta de ventas, Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services

Mary Ellen Chapdelaine, CEM, is Vice President of Sales at Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services and a member of IAEE’s Chapter Leaders Council. Mary Ellen has been an IAEE member for 20 years. She recently shared with IAEE her perspective on the importance of connecting with her peers and the benefits she gains from her chapter leadership activities.

¿Cómo se involucró en el liderazgo dentro de su capítulo?

I was recruited by Anna Roa in 1997 to serve on a committee for the Northern California Chapter. She was the Chapter Chair and encouraged me to get involved. Anna was my mentor, inspiration and became a dear friend. She passed away in December after a 31-year career with the Santa Clara CVB. I have been on a committee and/or the Board of Directors since that first volunteer committee position.

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¿En qué comités de capítulos trabaja actualmente y/o ha trabajado en el pasado?

I have served on Program and Membership Committees and am currently Chair of the Northern California Chapter.

¿Qué ha obtenido al ofrecerse como voluntario para su capítulo?

I have made many great friends, enjoyed networking opportunities and valuable education. I am passionate about making connections. Connecting people together who will benefit from meeting  – that’s what I love to do.

¿Cómo estás fomentando a futuros líderes voluntarios?

We have recently made new connections with professors from San Jose University and University of San Francisco. We are working on connecting their students with show organizers to create volunteer opportunities as well as a chance to see a trade show and/or event in progress. We anticipate this will increase their interest levels towards pursuing careers in our industry and foster a new group of future leaders.

¿Qué es lo que le resulta más satisfactorio de haber asumido un papel de liderazgo dentro de su capítulo?

Bringing people together – working with our Board of Directors and outreach to our membership. We are committed to providing relevant education and networking opportunities.

¿Cuál es tu actividad de capítulo favorita?

Hosting CEM Learning Program courses. Our chapter has hosted a CEM course in San Francisco since 2011. We felt that bringing a CEM course to San Francisco would provide an opportunity for local members who may not be attending ¡Exposición! ¡Exposición! Reunión y exposición anual de la IAEE to experience the value of this program and continue towards their certification.

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