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De proveedor a organizador: ¡Por qué Expo! ¡Exposición! es importante para todos

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We are only a short time away from one of the most important events of the year. The “show for shows”… Expo! Expo! 2017 in San Antonio. My name is Chad Chappell, CMP. As a longtime member of IAEE, I have been to the show more than a dozen times, and every year I find it even more valuable than the  last.

Having recently changed positions, I am very proud to be a National Account Director for The Expo Group. My focus on delivering an engaging and memorable experience for attendees is still as relevant as it was in my former role in the hotel and convention and visitors bureau (CVB) world. That is why I continue to attend Expo! Expo! year after year. It’s hard to deliver innovation and keep basic skills sharp if you are not continually exposing yourself to education and networking. Expo! Expo! provides that and more!

There is so much dynamic work by the incredible IAEE staff that helps evolve and innovate the show. As a past Chair of the Expo! Expo! Advisory Committee, I have had the pleasure of being able to pull back the curtain on this event. The biggest take away for me is how much IAEE really listens to exhibitors and attendee feedback when planning the next show.

In my role as a trusted advisor to client partners planning and executing amazing trade shows and events, I see organizers facing the same types of challenges faced by the IAEE staff and our Advisory Committee. So as our industry evolves, so must Expo! Expo!.

The Opening Reception is one of my favorite parts of the show. Every host city tries to wow and delight the attendees. It is always energizing and gets things rolling in a positive fashion. Last year in Anaheim, I had the opportunity to run into a show organizer who I had been hoping to meet at the Opening Reception. The reception made it easy for us to build a quick rapport, and we saw each other many times during the rest of the event. When I got back to my office, I reached out to him and recalled some of the great times we had at the show. This was the foundation of a strong long-term relationship.

Countless stories like that have occurred for me personally and for others. I invite you to attend Expo! Expo! and create some stories of your own. Build your network, further your career, learn from the experts…and much more at Expo! Expo!. I promise you will deliver more value to everyone you work with after returning from this great event.

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