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¡Por qué asisto a la Expo! ¡Expo!: Una entrevista con Lisa Goecke Malikow de la Asociación Nacional de Restaurantes

Lisa Goecke Malikow de la Asociación Nacional de Restaurantes comparte sus experiencias en #ExpoExpo y por qué debería asistir al “espectáculo para espectáculos”.

Expo! Expo! is called the “show for shows” for a reason! With over 265 exhibitors across 60+ product categories, ¡Exposición! ¡Exposición! Reunión y exposición anual de la IAEE provides attendees with a diverse marketplace to view and assess the tools needed to plan and manage successful trade shows and events for years to come. IAEE sat down with Lisa Goecke Malikow, Vice President, Meetings and Tradeshows for the National Restaurant Association, who shares the importance of making connections on the trade show floor.

Cuéntanos un poco sobre ti. ¿Cuáles son sus responsabilidades actuales?

As the Vice President, Meetings and Tradeshows for the National Restaurant Association Show, I oversee the strategic operations of the activities taking place on our exhibit floor, meeting space and special events.

Why do you attend Expo! Expo!? And how many years have you attended

I have been attending Expo! Expo! since the early to mid-2000s and try not to miss a year when possible. Expo! Expo! is valuable to me on a variety of levels (education, networking, etc.), but what really drives my attendance is the Expo floor and the opportunity to meet with the suppliers that are exhibiting. As someone who believes in the power of the exhibitions industry, it is important to me to stay on top of the latest trends and resources available to keep our show at the top of its game.

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¿Cómo se benefician los organizadores de exposiciones como usted al asistir a la Expo? ¿¡Exposición!?

I think show organizers have an obligation to educate themselves on the latest trends in the industry.

¡Qué sesiones educativas te llamaron la atención en la Expo! ¡Exposición! ¿en el pasado? ¿Obtuviste alguna conclusión de esas sesiones?

I’ve gone to a number of great sesiones educativas over the years, but a recent one that sticks out in my mind was a session I attended last year titled, Can You Escape from this Session? It was all about problem solving and fashioned after the popular “escape rooms.” As producers of live events, we will always be faced with unplanned issues. How you work together to escape them or move forward from them in a positive way is key.


¿Cómo aborda el tiempo que pasa en la Expo? ¿¡Exposición!?

I always use the mobile app to plan my schedule and then I consult with my teammates, who also attend, to coordinate who is going to which session. We really look at it as if we are dividing and conquering, so that we can bring the most information back to team members not in attendance.

¿Por qué es importante participar en el capítulo local?

As a former board chair for the Midwestern Chapter, I cannot stress enough the importance of being involved at a local level with your chapter. Not only are the education offerings throughout the year valuable, but the comradery and the networking add value to your day-to-day jobs that you wouldn’t always expect. Through the chapter, I’ve gotten to know other show managers and been able to use those connections to discuss industry issues, new ideas and other topics relevant to my work. Without those connections I made at the Chapter level, I’m not sure I would have the same opportunity to discuss and vet through topics.

¡Exposición! ¡Exposición!

¡Si estuvieras hablando con alguien que no había asistido a Expo! ¡Exposición! y estaba pensando en ir, ¿qué le dirías?

I would tell them that I think Expo! Expo! should be on the list for anyone in the exhibitions and event industry to attend annually to keep themselves and their organization abreast of the trends and technologies available. Our industry is far more fast-paced than people think and to stay competitive, you need to stay informed.

¿Qué consejo le darías a alguien que asiste por primera vez y que desearías que alguien te hubiera contado cuando asististe a la Expo? ¡Exposición! ¿por primera vez?

Do your research and plan your days out – which is honestly the same advice I’d give someone attending my show for the first time, too. To get the most out of your experience, you need to do your due diligence.

¿Cuál es un evento o programa que los asistentes no pueden perderse en la Expo? ¡Exposición! que disfrutas muchísimo?

You cannot miss the expo floor! It is called Expo! Expo! for a reason and IAEE has the most robust show floor/vendor mix out of all the industry events (in my opinion).

2017 Crowded Show Floor

¿Asistirás a la Expo de este año? ¡Exposición! en Nueva Orleans? Si es así, ¿qué programación esperas experimentar?

Unfortunately, I will not be attending this year because I’ll be on maternity leave, but we have a great team of people coming in from the National Restaurant Association Show who will be attending many of the programs including YP events, MATSO programming, CEIR programming and more. I can’t wait to catch up with all of them on their experience when I return to the office after the first of the year!


Sala de exposiciones, educación y networking... todo en un solo lugar. Asista al “espectáculo para espectáculos” en la vibrante Nueva Orleans este año. Register by 26 October to receive early bird savings.


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