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CEM destacado sobre Lisa Fricke, CEM

¡Felicitaciones a Lisa Fricke, CEM de BEE Content Design, Inc. por recibir su CEM!

Title: Senior Event Coordinator

Organization: BEE Content Design, Inc.

Hometown: Spring Church, Pennsylvania

University of Education: California Coast University

¿Cómo ha ayudado la designación CEM en su carrera?

The CEM Designation has helped me understand all the workings of an event from the inside out. It has also given me the confidence and the tools to produce better events.

¿Por qué es importante mantener la designación CEM?

It is important to maintain your CEM designation because the tools and support that you receive are so valuable.  They will keep me up to date on the industry standards and trends.

¿Qué te hizo querer obtener tu designación CEM?

I had a lot of time to reflect on my career during the pandemic.  I was looking for a certification that would be meaningful and supportive of my event and exhibit career. A friend had suggested the CEM program and I am so thankful that they had.  I have enjoyed the journey.

¿Qué consejo le darías a un aspirante que quiera postularse al programa CEM?

My advice would be to definitely apply for the CEM program because it is a wonderful way to interact with people like you and learn many aspects of the event and exhibits industry.  You’ll definitely not be disappointed!

¿Cómo comenzaste tu carrera en esta industria?

I started my career in this industry when I was working in Product Management for a manufacturing company and they asked me to help with putting together their tradeshows a few times a year.  I loved learning how to coordinate a show and seeing the end result of all of my hard work.

¿Cómo ha marcado la diferencia con su exposición o al trabajar con un cliente al aplicar el conocimiento que adquirió al obtener su designación CEM?

I have been able to make a difference with my show by identifying gaps in processes and better decision making.

¿Qué es algo que la mayoría de la gente no sabe sobre ti?

After obtaining my CEM, I spent time recreating my LinkedIn profile to reflect my new designation.  I also chose a new creative approach to my Linkedin personal statement to better reflect my passions and skills.

¿Qué es lo que más te gustó del Programa de Aprendizaje CEM?

I really enjoyed meeting people from all over the event industry and their insights and experiences.  It really added to my learning experience.

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