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El Consejo de Investigación CEIR centra su atención en Arjun Chakravarti

CEIR Research Council Member Arjun Chakravarti shares how he and Cogknition Analytics use CEIR research to maximize their goals and objectives.

Por Mary Tucker, gerente sénior de relaciones públicas y comunicaciones

Nota editorial: Publicado originalmente en CEIR.org.

Arjun Chakravarti is Managing Partner of Cogknition Analytics, a Chicago-based Strategy and Analytics consultancy with deep expertise working with both in-person and physical event data. As a member of the Research Council, Arjun and his colleagues were proud to represent CEIR in the industry-wide effort to develop Reporting Standards for Digital Events (RSDE) and continues to work closely clients to craft highly-engaging and profitable events.

Prior to Cogknition, Arjun served as Senior Vice President of Strategy, Analytics, and Insights at GES. He was also an award-winning business school professor at Illinois Tech where he published in leading academic journals and developed graduate and executive programs in analytics, design, and management.

Trained as a Behavioral Economist, Arjun frequently keynotes major conferences and strategic leadership meetings speaking on the impact of macro and consumer-level economics on business strategy. He received his Ph.D. and MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. 

Here, Arjun shares how he and Cogknition Analytics apply Investigación CEIR para ayudar a cumplir sus objetivos comerciales.

CEIR: Cual Informes CEIR ¿Ha utilizado para satisfacer las necesidades de su cliente organizador? ¿Con qué fines y cómo se han utilizado?

Arjun: CEIR continues to be a useful resource. The webinars continue are a significant way to keep a pulse on trending topics and, importantly, the issues that are top-of-mind to organizers.

CEIR: ¿Usas el Informe del índice CEIR to guide your business development planning?

Arjun: El Informe del índice CEIR is what many in the industry use to understand which subsectors of the industry to give business development focus.

CEIR: ¿Dónde necesita la industria centrar sus esfuerzos de investigación y/o aplicar la investigación disponible de manera más efectiva?

Arjun: I believe the industry would benefit from a better understanding of the confluence between the economy (i.e., constraints to attend) relative to the perceived benefits. It seems like this is the issue that literally every exhibitor I speak to is asking me about post-COVID because it addresses the pressure that they are facing from leadership. A current view of where attendees are and aren’t seeing value (crossed with the underlying modes in which they want to consume an event) are critically important at this time.

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