Presentación de reconocimiento de becarios de la CEM

Presentación de reconocimiento de becarios de la CEM

Becario CEM

The IAEE CEM Fellows program is an honorary recognition program for those in the exhibitions and events industry who have reached a level of responsibility, have been identified as a leader and have shown a continued service through education and volunteerism.

IAEE CEM Fellows represent a community of mentors, teachers and thought leaders.


  • Must have 20 plus years of industry experience
  • Must have obtained the CEM-AP (Advanced Professional) certification
  • Demonstrate leadership commitment to the exhibitions industry. Examples include serving on exhibition industry boards, etc.

How are Fellows selected?

  • First, a CEM-AP with 20 plus years of experience must be nominated by an IAEE member.
  • The nominee will then submit a detailed letter of endorsement with a CV highlighting industry leaders and answer one essay question provided by IAEE. The essay question is designed to capture the applicant’s thinking on how they plan to give back to the exhibitions industry community in the future. A final additional letter of endorsement is required beyond the nomination.
  • A selection committee will review all applications for final decisions.

Complete the submission below.

Formulario de nominación de becarios CEM

Para nominar a alguien para que se convierta en miembro de CEM, complete el siguiente formulario. Se contactará a la persona para informarle que ha sido nominada y qué pasos debe seguir para completar su solicitud, incluido el pago.

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