¡IAEE ofrece experiencia ejecutiva en la Expo! ¡Exposición! Reunión y exposición anual de la IAEE 2020

Future Pathways Report Looks into Next Phase of the Industry

La Asociación Internacional de Exposiciones y Eventos® (IAEE) presented a full program comprised of content specifically developed for executive level professionals at its ¡Exposición virtual! ¡Exposición! Reunión y exposición anual de la IAEE, which was held 8-10 December 2020. The Executive Experience, brought to you by Synchronicities, delved into the most relevant, top-of-mind business issues and ideas impacting the exhibitions and events industry with an emphasis on leadership development, strategic foresight, emerging trends and best practices.

“As with the majority of our education offerings, the challenges presented to our industry in 2020 played a big role in determining the focus for the Executive Experience,” said IAEE President & CEO David DuBois, CMP, CAE, FASAE, CTA. “The timing was excellent for presenting a preview to IAEE’s Caminos futuros report, which has been years in the making and an invaluable resource for industry executives.”

Launched in 2016, IAEE’s “FutureScaping” initiative brought together executive-level members of IAEE specializing in various aspects of the industry to work in a collaborative environment with organizers, contractors and venues, using a strategic foresight methodology to discuss the changing landscape of the exhibitions and events industry, identifying trends that may impact the industry via catalysts of change, new technologies, globalization and a changing workforce.

The task force’s findings will be featured in a series of upcoming reports, Caminos futuros, which acts as a field guide designed to educate and inform industry stakeholders on the trends influencing the industry and provide guidance actions that can be taken to adapt to the evolution of the event, exhibition and trade show industry.

Caminos futuros contains seven forces shaping the future of the exhibitions, with 13 tenets comprising trends and insights to help members of the exhibitions and events community chart their own course for a successful journey to the future state of exhibitions and events. In addition, six distinct yet related forces within the industry are thoroughly explored.

The Seven Forces for Change in Future Pathways were presented as part of the Expo! Expo! Executive Experience in the following sessions:

  • Architecting the Future of Trade Shows – FutureScaping Project and the 7 Forces
  • Force 1 – How Independent and Association Organizers Propel and Adapt for Success in 2021
  • Force 2 – Understanding Industry Trends That Disrupt, Augment or Amplify Our Craft
  • Force 3 – Agency & Exhibit House: Catalysts
  • Force 4 –- Political / Regulatory / Economic – Macro Trends Impacting the Industry Not Influenced by Advocacy
  • Force 5 – Disasters: What Executives Need to Know About Legal Issues on the Path Forward
  • Force 6 – Brand/Exhibitor – The Primary Drivers of the Industry: What Business Needs Should Be Considered in a Time of Need
  • Force 7 – FutureScaping: The Evolution of Attendees

Other sessions presented during the Expo! Expo! Executive Experience included:

  • Communication Practices for Challenging Times
  • Executives Wired for Wonder: Brain Science Behind the Transformative Power of Awe to Optimize Resilience
  • Powerful Ways Executives Can Address and Take Action on DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)
  • Psychology of Influence During Challenging Times
  • Navigating Your Career in Uncharted Waters
  • WHO GETS IT! – How to Find, Motivate and Retain TOP TALENT
  • Challenge the Supplier

haga clic aquí to download a copy of the Caminos futuros report presented at the Expo! Expo! Executive Experience.

All Expo! Expo! full meeting attendees, regardless of title, have access to the now on-demand content from this track as well as the four additional tracks of sessions. For those unable to attend this year’s Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition, IAEE is making full meeting registrations available through 31 January 2021 with access to all on-demand content immediately available upon purchase and login to the Swapcard event platform.

Organizers may purchase full meeting registrations at www.myexpoexpo.com.

Acerca de la IAEE

Con confianza desde 1928, la IAEE brinda calidad y valor a sus miembros a través del liderazgo, el servicio, la educación y las relaciones sólidas. IAEE es la asociación más grande de la industria de exposiciones y eventos del mundo, con una membresía de organizadores de exposiciones, expositores y proveedores de exposiciones. Los organizadores de más de 20.000 exposiciones y eventos de compradores y vendedores en todo el mundo son miembros de la IAEE, y la organización defiende y promueve el conocimiento de las exposiciones y eventos presenciales como medio principal para el desarrollo y crecimiento empresarial. La IAEE brinda educación relevante, oportuna e innovadora a sus miembros y a la industria. IAEE reconoce a sus socios estratégicos: 4imprint, Convention News Television (CNTV), eShow, Freeman, GES | onPeak, Grit Productions and Expositions, Nueva Orleans & Company, Centro de convenciones Ernest N. Morial de Nueva Orleans y Risk Strategies Company | Seguro Buttine. Visita www.iaee.com para más información.

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