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Adapting Analytics from the Retail Industry to Your Trade Show Marketing Strategy

June 29, 2017

Presented by Meg Meyer, VP, Marketing and Customer Service, Denise Miller AVP, Digital Strategy & Trade Show Marketing, National Home Builders Association (NAHB), Joe Colangelo, CEO and Co-Founder, Bear Analytics

For years, the retail industry has led the charge in using data to build customer retention and intelligence programs. Much like the retail environment, the event and trade show industry is prime to use data to better understand its customers by unlocking the sources of data collected at our events. This webinar will focus on how Meg Meyer (VP, Marketing and Customer Service) and Denise Miller (AVP, Digital Strategy & Trade Show Marketing) of the National Home Builders Association (NAHB), are using the data from the International Builders Show (IBS) to profile their attendees, deploy marketing activity and measure their success not just post event but leading into their trade show as well.




12:00PM CST – 1:00PM CST