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Bleisure – How to Make Your Event More Family Friendly

August 24, 2017

Presented by Lisa Bower, President & CEO, Plus One Meetings

There is a new buzz word in event planning – bleisure: the blending of business and leisure travel.  Increasingly those traveling for business are looking for opportunities to extend their trips and tack on some vacation time – and often, they want to bring family along.  In fact, about 50% of travelers, particularly millennials, are already doing just that.  Meetings are looking for ways to be more family friendly to accommodate the needs of parents who want to bring families along for a vacation as well as those who have few other child-care options if they don’t. New moms often feel the stress of being away from their kids when they travel.  The nature of events is changing.  How do we embrace families while still keeping the focus of our events on education and business?  How could family-friendly events increase attendance and impact sponsors and exhibitors?  What about the event planners themselves?  Could this be a shift in work-life balance options for them too?  Are there new revenue opportunities to be considered?  Join us for a discussion on the impact of bleisure travel and what it could mean for your next event.




12:00PM CST – 1:00PM CST