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CEIR Webinar: Latest Tracker Survey on Status of 2021 US B2B Exhibitions – Snapshot of Where Reopening is Happening and Where Cancellations Persist

November 11, 2021

Organizers, don’t miss this webinar! It will discuss CEIR’s final tracker survey results monitoring the status of 2021 US B2B exhibitions. This webinar will discuss benchmarks that have been tracked over the course of the year to see what is changing. It will also cover insights on the growing number of events that are happening in the second half of the year. Join this webinar to understand what to expect for your events.

What will be covered:

  • Benchmarks on:
    • Impact on the B2B exhibition schedule: cancellations, postponements and events that have happened or are still scheduled as planned
    • Impact on event revenue due to cancellations and actions to offset losses due
    • Among events postponed/still scheduled/have happened: extent of pivot to hybrid
      models, what content this includes as well as requirements for participants attending an
      in-person event.
    • Influence of the Delta variant on prompting cancellation of events
  • New insights on events that have happened this year:
    • Performance outcomes compared to 2019 editions of events
    • Exhibitor and attendee satisfaction
    • Lessons learned and successes

Additionally, the CEIR Index scenario analysis of where the US economy and the industry will perform in
2021 through 2023 will be revisited and any shifts in expectations will be reported.

Presenters: Nancy Drapeau, IPC, Vice President of Research, CEIR and Allen Shaw, PhD., Founder,President & Chief Economist, Global Economic Consulting Associates Inc.

This webinar is available to everyone. The webinar recording will be available on the CEIR website under
the Events section in the afternoon.




12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CST