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Easy Ways to Get More Exhibitors to Read More of Your Emails – Exhibitors (WINH LLC)

June 7, 2023

Description and Learning Objectives:

When exhibitors don’t read your emails, that creates two big challenges: they miss out on valuable opportunities, and you have to repeat yourself (a lot).

And, while it isn’t reasonable to expect every single exhibitor to read every single email in its entirety, there a number of actions you can take to encourage more exhibitors to read more of your emails (and avoid repeating yourself quite so much).

So, instead of buying into the idea that “it doesn’t matter what you do, this frustration is just a part of being an exhibition organizer today…” attend this webinar so you feel empowered to try out something new the next time you press “send” instead!

In this fast-paced, 60-mintue session, participants will:

  • Identify 5 crucial questions to ask yourself before you send any more emails to exhibitors.
  • List 10+ improvement ideas to implement immediately.
  • Explain what the real/bigger problem (preventing your exhibitors from reading your emails and getting involved with your show, overall) may be, along with a new way to help you resolve that too.

Bonus! Arrive 15 minutes early to see how Robyn completes a (mini-)email analysis/rewrite on a deadline…

Fee: No charge

Credits:  1 clock hour




3:15PM ET / 12:15PM PT


Robyn Davis, CPTD, CEM