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Educational Luncheon – Washington, D.C. Chapter

March 8, 2019

Technology has a major influence on our ever-changing societal landscape.  Now more than ever, non-celebrities are being recognized as influencers and significant contributors that help, lead, shape and transform this digital world.  So, it is vital for individuals to make a bold digital presence in order for them to make a larger impact in today’s society. Social media provides that opportunity for everyone to show-up and show-off their star power, by providing a space that allows them to amplify their voice, exhibit their genius and connect with a vast network of extraordinary people to build a sensational online presence. This interactive session will demonstrate how people can use social media platforms to present themselves boldly and magnify their influence.


  • Brand their star-quality effectively
  • Examine how they can amplify their genius
  • Gain best practices on how to create more authentic engagement to help expand their influence







Sherron Washington, M.A.
Founder & CEO The P3 Solution Learn more about Sherron.


Hyatt Regency Bethesda
7400 Wisconsin Ave
Bethesa, MD 20814


11:45 AM – 2:00 PM