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IAEE Mexico Global Forum – Mexico Chapter

April 19, 2017

9:00 A.M. : GRAND OPENING & CEM Mexico Graduation

Augmenting the Personalized Show Experience Through Emerging Technologies

Presentation Session by Derek Woodgate, President, The Futures Lab

This presentation discusses how emerging technologies and experiential events will help develop our ability to embrace concepts such as personal ambience, engagement and multisensory experiences. Technologies like fully immersive environments, VR and AR, simulation, interactive, intuitive interfaces and programmable and sensory enhanced spaces will help create a fundamentally different spatial narrative for shows. Add to these emerging developments in neurofeedback and the benefits that neurocomputing will bring, we stand on the threshold of true, real-time augmented multisensory, personalized experiences.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Consolidations and Their Impacts on the Exhibition Industry
Moderator: Ryan J. Strowger, CEM; Panelists: Daniel McKinnon, CEM; Tom Cindric, CEM; Phillip Surman, CEM

This presentation discusses how mergers, acquisitions and consolidations of companies and of various industry shows can impact our industry.  Mergers, consolidations and acquisitions are a way for some companies to improve profits and productivity, while reducing overall expenses. While good for business, in some cases they are not always good.  Come and listen to the pros and cons and future impacts.

Technology Trends and Current Case Studies

Moderator: Antonio Brito, CEM, CMP; Panelists: Julie Smith, CEM, CTA; Sergio Enrique Gaitan Serrano; Emmanuel Lamadrid Preciado, MBA, CEM

Based on the earlier presentation on emerging technologies, hear from industry experts on what new technology ideas have been implemented during shows, what has worked well, what to plan for if including new technology and what to expect. These experts have used and experimented with new technologies and have much knowledge to share on the subject. Various discussions can include beacons, second screen, new show apps, etc.

2:00 P.M. :  Closing Event


Expo Guadalajara


8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.