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Road to New Exhibitor/Sponsor Engagement, Satisfaction, Retention, and More!

June 22, 2023 - August 31, 2023

Program Date: Enrollment closes on Wednesday, June 21 (the program will run from June 22 to August 31).


Learning Objectives:

  • Kickoff – Set expectations, prepare to maximize participation, identify what’s trending with new exhibitors today, and connect with cohort (speed networking, with specific topics to discuss)
  • 8-Week Self-Study Program – Assess your current actions and outline “quick start” steps, Communicate more effectively, Segment your “new” exhibitors/sponsors, Decide how much support is appropriate to provide, Support new exhibitors/sponsors in eight ways (timeline/reminders, training/talking points, tools/resources, evaluation/next steps)
  • Debrief – Review key takeaways, “show and tell” new exhibitor/sponsor support efforts, Q+A, revisit assessment and quick start action steps, reconnect with peers (more structured networking)
  • Optional/Bonus Mid-Point Check In – Review key takeaways from the first half of the program and address questions from participants.

Program Description: In this multi-week self-study program (with live kickoff/debrief sessions), exhibition organizers will learn how to better understand, communicate with, and empower your new and “new-ish” exhibitors/sponsors (so they can become happier, more engaged, and eager to return to your show year after year).

Participants will learn at your own pace via weekly lessons, apply what you’ve learned and collaborate with your peers via reflection/discussion questions.

Number of credit hours: 5 credits

*Optional mid-point check in is eligible for an additional .5 credits

Delivery method: virtual (live) and virtual (self-study/pre-recorded)

Fee Required – See website for details.


virtual (live) and virtual (self-study/pre-recorded)




Robyn Davis, CPTD, CEM