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Using Digital to Rock Your Attendee’s Trade Show Experience

October 27, 2016

Digital continues to expand its presence today in every facet of our personal and business lives. The same is true for business-to-business exhibitions. For organizers and brand marketers alike, it is very hard to know which solutions are worth testing and which are ideas that will disappear as fast as a Snapchat message.

Digital leaves many in our industry wondering…

  • How can technology support and enhance the attendee experience?
  • How does technology make all the logistics of finding an event, getting there and doing all the things attendees want to do, seamless, easy, enjoyable and engaging?
  • What are the key essentials both organizers and exhibitors need to provide to meet attendee technology expectations?
  • Where are the gaps and the opportunities to enhance the attendee experience further?

To find answers, CEIR took a comprehensive look at technology use of at each step of the attendee journey. The end result of this initiative provides benchmarks for both exhibition organizers and exhibitors to evaluate their own performance.

Please note: maximum capacity for all webinars is 500 attendees, however, all webinars are archived for future reference when permitted by speaker.




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