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Virtual YP Event: Be Your Own Superhero – New York Chapter

September 1, 2020

So now you have a great job and are doing it well. But this is the perfect time to take it to the next level and be the superhero of your career! This session is to help you learn to do your work better, help others, boost your internal leadership profile, and help the organization, as a whole, evolve. Career management strategist, Dawn Rasmussen, CMP, will provide easily relatable but highly actionable steps to take to make a difference in the workplace and your career, while striving for excellence. And that’s what superheroes are made of – they take the power of the past and leverage it into being a force of the future!

Learning Outcomes:
1. Learn to activate your critical thinking skills to identify opportunities where others don’t.
2. Define specific actions you can take to supercharge your workplace contributions.
3. Learn about the different career phases and shape how you react to reaching those stages, adjusting your superhero tactics.


1:00 p.m.