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In 2011, champions of our industry like Gary Sain and Steven Hacker came together to address a gap in how exhibitions and events were perceived by the public. Recognizing exhibitions and events represent many things to many people, these individuals saw that there was a need to have a cohesive platform under which all these values came together. The industry was a driving force in the global economy and needed a unified voice advocating on its behalf.Today, Exhibitions Mean Business has support from professionals and organizations around the world, including associations, venues and convention centers, exhibitions-focused service providers, convention and visitors bureaus, and travel and tourism organizations. The campaign is focused on serving as a resource for audiences to learn more about exhibitions and events – impacting hearts and minds through targeted public advocacy activities, international visibility efforts and unique engagement programs that help share the value of the industry.


The goal of Exhibitions Mean Business is to promote the value of face-to-face meeting and events that positively impact local, national and global economies. Face-to-face connections made at exhibitions and events amplify the impact those connections have on our global economy. The campaign actively engages policymakers, business professionals, educators and young professionals to raise the overall awareness of the exhibition and events industry through a single, powerful voice.


Tell your story early and often and encourage others to do the same!

  1. Share your first-hand accounts on the value of face-to-face events.
  2. Submit your stories online through our “Get Involved” page online form.
  3. Tell us about the great stories that have benefited your business or your career.
  4. Did you make a new contact that led to a better job?
  5. Did you launch a new product successfully?
  6. Did you learn a best practice that revolutionized your operations?

Any story about a face-to-face event that made a difference to you will make a difference to this campaign. And don’t just send one – we need fresh stories coming in all the time to keep our outreach efforts timely and relevant.

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