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Education Information

We are excited to plan for Expo! Expo! 2018. Expo! Expo!:

  • Delivers education that provides immediate ideas that can be implemented within one’s professional or personal life.
  • Provides a blended learning experience that will activate learners with different levels of knowledge and experience.
  • Creates a peer to peer social learning experience that creates lifelong connections outside the classroom.

Call for presentations opens 26 February through 30 March.

Are you a subject matter expert or do you have knowledge that could make a difference in our industry? Will your knowledge teach and inspire others to build and create better and more engaging events? Be a part of IAEE’s 2018 Expo! Expo! Annual Meeting & Exhibition celebrating IAEE’s 90th birthday by leading active and social learning environments.

Submit a Speaker Proposal here.

Idea Content Generation

Have a great idea for content during Expo! Expo!, but do not have time to submit a formal proposal? No problem!

Send Us Your Education Ideas here.

Contact Marsha Flanagan, M.Ed., Vice President of Learning Experiences with any questions.