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Trend forecasting for 2016

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It goes without saying that technology is in a constant state of evolution. Come alongside the latest developments with promotional tech accessories that support these changes.

Our merchandising team is constantly on the hunt for the latest products and newest trends. At 4imprint, you’ll see influences from this year’s hottest clothing fashions, color crazes and retail merchandise in our promotional products. By staying current with your incentives, your prospects will be all the more receptive to your message. And to help you with your next promotion, here are four forecasted trends for 2016:

Advancements in technology

Dual Charging Cable CaseIt goes without saying that technology is in a constant state of evolution. Come alongside the latest developments with promotional tech accessories that support these changes. For instance, power banks with higher battery capacities, like the Mondo Power Bank with 8000 mAh, are coming out to keep pace with newer gadgets. Tech bags, such as the Vault RFID Security Laptop Messenger, have adapted to accommodate new technology with tech-friendly storage compartments and RFID-blocking designs. Since almost every tech device is a touch screen, the logo’d Gripper Stylus Twist Phone Stand with Screen Cleaner serves multiple modern functions. And the Zoom® Audio Flask (coming soon!) represents our culture of connectivity perfectly with its removable Bluetooth® speaker and built-in phone stand.

The practice of Zen

Zen Essential Oil It’s important to take a breather from the fast-paced world described above. Incorporating elements of nature and serenity into a hectic lifestyle provides much-needed balance and grounding. Even the Pantone colors of the year, rose quartz and serenity, reflect a sense of calm that consumers so desire. The nature-themed Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book provides a therapeutic activity focused on Mother Nature. The Simply Clear Glass Tumbler encapsulates the simplistic, tranquil energy of the day. The Zen Candle in Apothecary Jar promotes slowing down and self-care, plus it’s available in several sumptuous scents named after Zen concepts, including exhale and tranquility. Our J. America Zen Sweatshirt line endorses relaxing days and regular yoga practices.

Plaid is everywhere

Kaleida Sportpack - PlaidPlaid has always been an ageless pattern in the apparel world, but it is now infiltrating other categories in unexpected ways. The simple addition of the plaid pattern makes the Grande Printed Shopping Tote more stylish than the traditional shopping bag. Plaid provides an unexpected twist on the totes® Automatic Stick Umbrella. The designer touch is available in office supplies, too. Enter the plaid Bic® Sticky Note® pad. Plaid and pajamas have always gone along swimmingly together, and our new Flannel Plaid Pant integrates the pattern with modern color choices brilliantly.

Weathered and worn

Microburn V-Neck TeeThere’s something so liberating and appealing about not being perfect. In fact, there’s an entire concept based on the beauty of imperfection called Wabi Sabi. The distressed look perfectly embodies this concept of finding beauty in age and wear. The Dirty Washed Mesh-Back Cap et Burk’s Bay Retro Leather Jacket both look and feel like old broken-in favorites and eliminate all traces of stiffness. Irregularities make the Reactive Glaze Mug more attractive in its uniqueness. And the Fashion First Aid Kit with Distressed Dots shares the relaxed, vintage-inspired sensibilities.

Source: Trend forecasting for 2016

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