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Spotting Trade Show Pros – Amplify Winter 2016

Originally published in Amplify, Winter 2016 Issue – Download the full issue here.

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Spotting Trade Show Pros

It’s easy to spot a trade show pro. They’re the folks who are naturals at orchestrating successful trade show exhibits. When someone comes into a trade show booth, a trade show pro offers a friendly greeting—in a way that invites continued conversation. They engage visitors in the booth, asking questions to learn each visitor’s needs. They make a visitor feel welcome by carrying on conversation. And, in the process, they explain how their company may be able to help meet those needs.

Tried and True Tactics

Trade show pros understand the importance of notifying prospective customers they’ll be attending the show with effective online and off line communications. They know how to take advantage of the latest technology to make their trade show booths a success. And, they get the importance of following up with memorable offers.4imprint giveaways

Masters of the Moment

What really makes trade show pros stand out is that they recognize that trade shows present a rare opportunity to establish a personal connection between a company and a prospect. To create memorable moments in the booth, trade show pros spend as much time preparing for conversations as they do preparing the booth itself. They choose promotional products that will attract visitors to their booths, create opportunities for conversations and remind visitors of that moment long after they’ve returned home.

High Tech + High Touch

As our ‘High Tech + High Touch’ cover story points out, the most effective trade show planners use technology to help create connections, because they know the moments they create in the booth matter most.

Happy planning!
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