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Pleins feux sur les professeurs du CEM sur B. Murphy, CEM, directeur national des ventes, Fern

B. Murphy, CEM is a member of the National Sales Group of Fern. He is based in Alexandria, Virginia and is easily accessible for associations’ planning purposes. He has been involved with conventions, exhibits, and the meetings industry for over 20 years and in his role at Fern, B. is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with potential, current and future clients. B. joined the CEM faculty in 2013 and currently serves as the Chair of the CEM Commission and Vice Chair of the DC Chapter of IAEE.  In the past, B. has also served on IAEE Education Committee and the Chapter Leaders Council.

IAEE recently sat down with B. Murphy about his involvement in the exhibition and events industry and with IAEE’s CEM Learning Program.


Depuis combien de temps êtes-vous dans l’industrie ?   
I have been in the Industry for over 20 years.  My first exposure was in 1994 as the Chair of the Salt Palace Advisory Board. As a result of working with the Building, and the CVB, I developed an interest in becoming more and more involved in the industry.

Qu'est-ce qui motive votre implication dans l'IAEE et le programme d'apprentissage CEM ?   
I have found that, of all the industry associations, IAEE is the one that suits my needs best.  I also am a HUGE proponent of the Programme d'apprentissage CEM.  I believe that by obtaining my CEM, it shows that I am “vested” in this Industry.

Check out the 2016 CEM Learning Program Schedule

Quelle a été votre expérience d’enseignement la plus mémorable ?   
I would have to say that my most memorable experience was teaching a class to 50+ people at CEM Week in Austin, Texas.

Avez-vous des conseils à donner à d’autres CEM qui souhaiteraient se lancer dans l’enseignement ?   
If you are thinking about getting on the CEM faculty – Do it! I teach (exclusively) the “in-classroom” setting.  I believe the greatest benefit in teaching a CEM course is that I never come away from a class without making new acquaintances that evolve into lasting relationships.

Comment le titre CEM vous a-t-il aidé dans votre carrière ?  
Having the letters “CEM” behind my name is a source of pride and achievement.  It has set me apart as part of an exclusive group of achievers in this Industry.

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