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Pleins feux sur le Conseil des dirigeants de chapitre… Une entrevue avec Peter Abraham, CEM, directeur principal du développement commercial, Freeman

Par Mary Tucker, responsable principale des relations publiques/communications de l'IAEE

Peter Abraham, CEM, is Sr. Business Development Manager with Freeman and a member of IAEE’s Chapter Leaders Council. Peter has been an IAEE member for 10 years. He recently shared with IAEE his perspective on the advantages of being an IAEE member and what prompted him to take on a leadership role in his local chapter.

How did you get involved in leadership within your chapter?

The company for whom I worked at the time was interested in having a greater presence locally, and sought volunteers to attend IAEE events in the greater Boston area. At the end of one of the presentations, the then-chapter chair made an announcement that they were seeking volunteers to join the board, and it piqued my interest. After learning more about how I could contribute, it was a no-brainer. I’ve loved every minute of being part of IAEE.

What chapter committees do you serve on currently and/or have served on in the past?

I have been part of the Events Committee, Community Service Committee, and have served as Treasurer, Vice Chair and Chair.

What have you gotten out of volunteering for your chapter?

Where do I begin? The industry connections and the friends that I have made in these past 10 years are amazing. And in doing so, it’s put me in the position to introduce so many people. I also love the idea of bringing the younger generation in, showing them the ropes and helping to get them started.

How are you fostering future volunteer leaders?

The most important “recruiting tool,” I believe, is in hosting successful events. It entices others to participate. I also love to see the younger generation, who may not initially understand the value of face-to-face, overcome this – and often become our biggest supporters.

What do you find most satisfying about having stepped into a leadership role within your chapter?

Stepping into a leadership role has shown me that I have the ability to impact change. By working with such a diverse, talented board, our educational and networking events, as well as our community service has such a significant impact on not only our membership, but to the community at large.

What is your favorite chapter activity?

My favorite chapter activities are the networking events! I love seeing people of so many different facets of the industry come together and share. I love to see the energy they bring to our events. And I love to see people relax and make those same connections that can only enhance both their personal and professional lives.

What other IAEE Councils, Committees and task forces are you currently involved in aside from your chapter activities?

I’m currently involved in the Member Meet-Up Committee.

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