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Pourquoi je participe à l'Expo ! Expo ! : Une entrevue avec Tyler Orwig, CTA

Tyler Orwig, CTA de Visit San Antonio, partage ce qu'il a hâte de voir au #ExpoExpo de cette année et pourquoi y assister est important pour l'industrie.

Every journey at Expo! Expo! is uniquely different, but what brings it all together is the continued drive to learn from one another. Expo ! Expo ! Réunion et exposition annuelle de l'IAEE provides attendees with a diverse marketplace to view and assess the tools needed to plan and manage successful trade shows and events for years to come. IAEE sat down with IAEE Expo! Expo! Advisory Committee member, Tyler Orwig, CTA. As the Director of Sales at Visit San Antonio, Tyler shared his takeaways from attending Expo! Expo!.

Parle-nous un peu de toi. Quelles sont vos responsabilités actuelles ?

My current role with Visit San Antonio is as the Director of Sales, in which I am responsible for managing our sales team’s production, direction and coordination of the team’s sales activities.

Pourquoi participez-vous à l'Expo ! Expo !? Et depuis combien d’années participez-vous à l’Expo ! Expo !?

I attend Expo! Expo! to interact with our customers, learn industry trends and to discuss best practices with our partners. I have attended Expo! Expo! for the past 5 years, of which one of those years San Antonio was the host location in 2017.


Quels avantages tirez-vous de votre participation à l'Expo ! Expo !?

The biggest benefit from attending is through our interactions with our customers. IAEE does a great job facilitating opportunities to spend time with current and future clientele.

Quelles séances éducatives ont retenu votre attention à l'Expo ! Expo ! dans le passé? Avez-vous retenu quelque chose de ces séances ?

I am always interested in séances d'éducation that are geared toward economic and industry trends. Not only do I look for personal business insights, but I also like to interact with our business peers to gauge how the shared information from the sessions impact what they are seeing through their business lens.


Comment abordez-vous votre temps passé à Expo ! Expo !?

At Visit San Antonio, we truly approach Expo! Expo! as a team effort.  We support IAEE not only through our own efforts, but we also have two great partners in Visit Anaheim and Visit Baltimore, which make up our Synchronicities partnership. Between our three destinations, we review the customers and business segments that we need to focus on for the week and then plan various events and/or time with these customers to ensure our destinations are getting the right exposure.

Nommez un moment inoubliable qui vous est arrivé à l’Expo ! Expo!.

My unforgettable moment came when we hosted Expo! Expo! in San Antonio. That experience really opened my eyes to everything involved in producing such an incredible event. I really cannot say enough good things about the IAEE staff and how thoughtful they are in bringing the absolute best and most relevant content to their members.

Si vous parliez à quelqu'un qui n'avait pas assisté à Expo! Expo ! et que vous envisagez d'y aller, que lui diriez-vous ?

I would tell them they need to attend this event. Whether your focus is career development, industry education, or peer networking, Expo! Expo! offers all of these elements in a very thoughtful schedule throughout the conference.


Quel conseil donneriez-vous à un nouveau participant que vous auriez aimé que quelqu'un vous dise lorsque vous avez assisté à l'Expo ! Expo ! pour la première fois?

Find a colleague that has been to Expo! Expo! and pick their brain!  The sooner someone understands all that Expo! Expo! has to offer, the better the experience will be!

Quel est l'événement ou le programme que les participants ne peuvent pas manquer à l'Expo ! Expo ! que vous appréciez vraiment ?

The tradeshow floor and the Opening Reception are the two events I value the most. Those are the two events where I am able to interact with the most partners and customers, all while enjoying the atmosphere IAEE and the host destination has provided.


Serez-vous présent à l'Expo de cette année ! Expo ! à Las Vegas ? Si oui, quelle programmation avez-vous hâte de découvrir ?

Of course, I will be there!  I always appreciate the speakers at each of the general sessions. This year, I am also interested in how new tech is influencing exhibit shows, specifically how AI and AR can enhance attendee experience.


Register for #ExpoExpo by 21 October to receive early bird pricing! Visit the Expo! Expo! site pour plus d'informations.

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