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Gagnants du concours Art du spectacle 2019 : campagne sur les réseaux sociaux

Félicitations aux gagnants du concours Art of the Show 2019 dans la catégorie Campagne sur les réseaux sociaux de cette année : mdg et Informa Markets ! Découvrez comment leurs campagnes primées ont fait la promotion efficace de leurs spectacles avant, pendant et après l'événement.

Même si le paysage événementiel a considérablement changé depuis la création de ces pièces, certaines choses s’avèrent intemporelles. Plus précisément, les rôles que jouent la créativité, l’innovation et une approche stratégique du marketing dans l’obtention de résultats. l'IAEE Concours d'art du spectacle récompense les activités de marketing exceptionnelles directement liées à l’organisation et à la réalisation réussies d’une exposition et/ou d’un événement. À ce titre, il s’agit du seul concours marketing spécifiquement adapté à notre industrie. Chaque année, les organisateurs d'événements soumettent le travail qu'ils ont réalisé pour promouvoir leur expérience de salon dans 14 catégories et un panel indépendant d'experts en marketing et en conception graphique sélectionne les gagnants.

Dans le cercle des gagnants du concours Art of the Show de l'IAEE d'aujourd'hui, nous mettons en avant les gagnants du concours de l'année dernière. Campagne sur les réseaux sociaux category, which evaluates the collective use of social media channels to effectively promote a show before, during and after the event. Judging criteria includes: content appeal and usefulness; effectiveness of distribution and target audience engagement; target audience response; how well the campaign correlates with the overall “theme” of the show; how well the social media campaign met its intended goals; and how well the social media drove attendance, general show awareness and overall brand awareness.

Moins de 75 000 nsf
mdg for VP International (VPI)
Craft Beverage Expo

mdg for VP International (VPI)

Craft Beverage Expo, produced by VP International, is a trade show and conference dedicated to small-batch beverage producers to give them guidance in running a profitable business.

The social media campaign was developed to reach its target audience on a platform where they spend their time. In addition, social media was a tactic to help reach new audiences that were not captured in the email database or driven to the website via search. To achieve these goals, OMD created engaging designs married with succinct and relatable messaging.

The social media campaign was designed to use various ad types, including carousels, slide shows, static photos and video that would keep creative engaging. Key messages were targeted by audience type, using tailored images and copy to appeal to verticals in the craft beverage market – wine, beer, mead, cider, spirits and nonalcoholic. The social media ads earned engagement to the tune of a 1.05 percent total click through rate, exceeding industry standards of 1 percent. In addition, Facebook ads drove 800 new users to the Craft Beverage Expo website across five months.

Plus de 200 001 nsf
Marchés informatifs
The International Surface Event: SURFACES | StonExpo/Marmomac | TileExpo

Marchés informatifs

For over 30 years, The International Surface Event (TISE) has served the floor covering, stone, and tile industry as THE industry marketplace. The TISE vision is to create a space where buyers and sellers gather to purchase products, gain design inspiration, and develop their businesses. The show makes this possible by carefully sourcing exhibiting brands, crafting content and events, and developing show features that match the needs of the industry. As the first event of the year, TISE is perfectly positioned to offer product launches, critical first of the year buying opportunities, and annual meetings.

TISE attendees cover three distinct personas: CREATIVES, architects and designers, SUITS, retailers, distributors, and dealers, and HAMMER + NAILS, contractors, builders, remodelers, fabricators, and installers. TISE exhibitors manufacture and/or supply product, materials, technology, services, tools, and/or equipment that serve the flooring, stone, and tile surface industries.

TISE set a goal of achieving 10 percent growth in social following, and actually grew 25 percent! In order to track and keep on pace, the TISE marketing team created an excel spreadsheet with the starting social media counts for the event in August, tracking out to the event in January. Each Monday, the team pulled social updates to carefully watch their social follower movement. In addition, the tracker had monthly percentages to goal that the team drove towards staying on track to ensure they hit their growth goals.

Utilizing a series of social impression-driving initiatives the team was able to surpass their goal. The 2019 show campaign was STORIES START AT THE SURFACE, switching the focus to a personal approach encouraging the industry to share their #mySURFACEstory. The campaign kicked off at registration open in August and ran through the show in January (and beyond) with a series of different social engagement opportunities for attendees, for speakers, and for manufacturers. (1) Video clips of INDUSTRY ICONS talking #mySURFACEstory about #whyTISE is the event for their business and for the industry. (2) #mySURFACEstory coloring and social campaign encouraging the industry to Tell Us Your Story (3) Capturing and sharing industry #mySURFACEstory SUCCESS TIPS from subject matter experts/speakers (4) SURFACES Live video series gave manufacturers a chance to share their product innovation stories.

TISE uses social software that pulls in social engagement and impressions based on keywords, hashtags, etc. This tracking system assisted in monitoring overall social media success. The unique social programs implemented helped in generating and contributing towards the outstanding social exposure for TISE 2019:

  • 5M social impressions
  • 460K social engagements
  • 475K social activity
  • 12M social reach

The Social Media Campaign for TISE also earned Informa Markets the coveted IAEE Art of the Show Competition BEST OF SHOW WINNER, which is the competition’s top scoring entry across all categories.

Le Concours d'art du spectacle de l'IAEE 2020 est maintenant ouvert ! Bénéficiez de frais d’inscription réduits en soumettant vos candidatures avant la date limite de préinscription du 31 août ! Vous pouvez également consulter tous les gagnants du concours 2019 ici.

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