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Expo ! Expo ! Pleins feux sur Alan Fields

Alan Fields discute des points à retenir que les participants recevront lors de la session qu'il présentera pendant l'Expo ! Expo ! Réunion et exposition annuelles de l'IAEE 2023 du 5 au 7 décembre à Dallas, Texas.

Par Mary Tucker, responsable principale des communications et du contenu de l'IAEE

Expo ! Expo ! Réunion et exposition annuelle de l'IAEE 2023 propose un voyage éducatif de trois jours couvrant sept pistes de contenu diversifiées, including this high energy session led by Alan Fields. Achieving Sales Excellence in Convention Sales: The Lost Art of Selling dives into the realm of sales excellence within the exhibitions and convention industry.

This session will transcend traditional lectures by immersing attendees in a dynamic exploration of “Sales Exceptionalism.” Through an engaging blend of enlightening discourse and audience participation, Alan will unravel the secrets underpinning the triumphs of highly effective sales professionals.

Participants will dive into the essence of “Sales Exceptionalism,” dissecting its three foundational pillars that drive unparalleled success in convention sales: profound Product Expertise, keen Competitive Acumen and an intimate Knowledge of Your Customer. Drawing from an array of real-life anecdotes and observations, Alan will navigate practical applications and seamlessly integrate time-honored principles with contemporary strategies.

Here, Alan shares a preview of how participants will benefit from the information presented at Achieving Sales Excellence in Convention Sales: The Lost Art of Selling.

In this session, you will deconstruct and internalize the core principles practiced by highly effective sales professionals. How does unraveling the methodology behind their seamless integration play into the sales process?

Alan: I think all of us understand the importance of product knowledge, identifying “Comp Set” and knowing your customer. However, as we get more intimate applying these principles, it becomes evident how dependent each are upon the other. If we are to be effective sales professionals, we need to “own” this information and deliver it in sequence best appreciated by our customers.

For example, when we demonstrate ownership of product knowledge it allows us to establish credibility and confidence within our customers. Needless to say, if we fail in this regard, the sales process breaks down immediately. Furthermore, our pursuit of product knowledge gives us insight to its potential in the marketplace. Which leads us to the second core principle, “knowing your competition.”

Effective sales professionals go beyond just Identifying their competition. They examine the   competition for an honest assessment of product strength and weakness. This information helps to favorably position our product vs choices offered by the competition. Which leads us to the third of our core principles, “customer knowledge.” 

It is vital for us to conduct detailed research into “who” each and every one of our customers are. Not just by market segment or demographic but by an examination of their business, their product, their competition, their customer, their purpose and their goals. This allows us to determine priorities most important to them and for us to direct our strengths to those priorities. 

Finally, it is essential for us to re-examine our product potential as it evolves in the marketplace and as our customer acquire new tastes. To become complacent otherwise opens the door for the competition to make a more compelling case for their product and services.

You will also unveil the art of unearthing and delivering tailored solutions that resonate with clients in order to elevate your value proposition to an exceptional level. What advantages are gained through this process?

Alan: Great question. Delivering solutions for our customers and results for our companies is the bottom-line goal. Right. We don’t accomplish this by randomly tossing out multiple product features that don’t specifically address urgent needs or surface viable solutions.

For example, I could talk all day about my hotel’s enchanting pool or the exclusive destination of my resort. However, these features have little value to a convention event planner whose immediate needs are adequate exhibit space or a location that is easily accessible for attendees.

The DNA of Sales is the process of bringing life to product features and expressing how they benefit your customer. Once again, we accomplish this by practicing our core principles and by listening well to what are customers are telling us. When we “hear” our customers we learn what is important to them. This enables us to determine what it is we have they may value most. If we do this well, our customers interest will grow and become more vested in what we have to offer.

In addition, you will define the concept of “Sales Exceptionalism” and equip participants with the insights to identify and mobilize resources that transcend mediocrity. How can they apply this concept to set themselves apart from competitors?

Alan: In sales we often find ourselves representing products which can be quite similar or perhaps a bit weaker than that of our competitors. Proficient sales professionals actually embrace commonality of product or weakness as an opportunity to present themselves as the “value proposition” in a buying decision.

In essence we become the “brand” they are buying. They are buying your partnership, your credibility, your competence and your assurance of protection should something go wrong. These attributes become the features that makes your product more attractive.

Furthermore, “Sales Exceptionalism” is not the result of how easy it is to sell a product. Rather, it is more evident within a challenging environment. I love it when I see sales professionals embrace difficult situations and obtain positive outcomes or transform weakness into strength.

The “M” Resort, for example, is a great hotel property located several miles away from the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Not the most desirable location relative to other “Strip” properties in which they compete for group business. However, for groups which require a high degree of attention and a dynamic destination to attract attendees, the “M” can become the “best of both worlds.” A location far enough away from distraction but close enough for attendees to enjoy on terms more manageable for meeting planners. The weakness has now become a strength.

Our business is about delivering results, not excuses. When sales professionals produce positive outcomes in a difficult environment… they separate themselves from the pack.

As it relates to identifying and mobilizing resources around us, do this competently and your customer will realize their best probability of success is by doing business with you… with little need to look elsewhere. It adds a whole new dimension to selling. However, you’re going to have to join me at Expo! Expo! on December 7th to learn how this can advance your sales effectiveness to a whole new level.

Qu'est-ce qui alimente votre passion pour ce sujet et pourquoi ces informations sont-elles si pertinentes dans l'environnement commercial actuel ?

Alan: I believe the test of time has shown that neither modern technology nor national pandemic can diminish the importance of in-person, face-to-face interaction. It is why I still pick up a phone instead of using email or make personal calls rather than Zoom. Now, more than ever, we need to remind ourselves which method of communication remains most effective. When we take this business initiative, we gain the advantage over those who have chosen or are limited by less effective communication options.

Ironically, it was late in my career that I discovered my true passion… to become a teacher of my craft. This is why after 35 years in the industry and at age 60, I obtained an Executive Master’s Degree at UNLV’s Harrah College of Hotel Administration. It allowed me to become an instructor at institutions of higher learning with curriculum in hotel sales management.

I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me. To prepare those who are about to enter the industry I love… and through their success, reward an industry that has so rewarded me over the years. What an honor it has become, as well will it be when I meet all of you at Expo! Expo! ’23.

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