Étude de cas CEM-AP

All case study ideas and final projects will be reviewed and evaluated by the CEM Commission.

When building your case study:

  • Base your case study on an issue/challenge/problem that has a significant impact on the exhibitions and events industry. What are the problems that your solution solves?
  • Support your case study with hard numbers. Use charts, tables, figures or statistics where applicable to enhance your credibility, but don’t overload.
  • Use graphics
  • You must be directly involved in the project in a leadership capacity.

Your case study must include ALL elements of the CEM-AP case study. Please review the required elements of your CEM-AP case study.

CEM-AP Case Study elements

Case Study

Please include graphs, pictures, charts or video to support your results.

I certify that the information contained in this application is correct, and I will comply with all CEM-AP case study requirements: