IAEE Young Professional of the Year Award

The IAEE Young Professional of the Year Award recognizes excellent professional performance by someone who has committed his/her time to advancing the standing of young professionals in our industry.

Examples of this may include but are not limited to:

  • Communicating with peers and superiors to help encourage more companies to actively pursue and encourage participation by younger professionals in the exhibition and event industry and to become more actively involved in IAEE.
  • Helping to better promote our businesses through social networking.
  • Introducing, embracing or responding to new technologies for their companies, chapter or industry to facilitate promotion and communication particularly to younger employees or potential attendees.
  • Providing feedback and input for educational programs they would like to see at their companies or at IAEE meetings, etc.
  • Taking a leadership role within the IAEE community and/or industry.

The 2024 Call for Nominations is now open! Submit your nominations through the IAEE Member Dashboard.


Eligibility and Rules

  • The nominee must be an active member of IAEE or currently employed by an IAEE member company in good standing.
  • The nominee must be 35 years of age or younger.
  • Self-nomination is not permitted. Nominations submitted without supporting documentation will not be eligible for consideration.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Actions demonstrating or exemplifying the goals and objectives of IAEE to help attract younger people to our industry.
  • Performance demonstrates planning, development and delivery of committee/task force charge that encourages or facilitates the attraction and growth of young industry professionals.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the topics and work to further the cause of young professionals in the industry.
  • The body of contributions made by the individual and its potential impact on the organization or the industry.
    Nominee’s overall level of involvement in IAEE.

Past recipients of the IAEE Young Professional of the Year Award

Lauren Miller, CMP, CEM

Elizabeth George, CEM

Moriah Hathaway-Casey, CEM

Molly Hamill, CMP, CEM

Kimberly Zonca, CEM

Tara Allen, CEM

Bill McGlade, CEM

Alex Land, CEM

Cassie Thompson

Barbara Myers, CAE
Jennifer Paine Pekowski, CEM

Rebecca Orens, CEM

Lauren Bauer
Kristy Breaux
Mary Higham, CEM

Greg McCormack, CEM
Julie Pazina