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Social Impact

IAEE members attend KLI to continue their leadership journey. Their journey includes becoming a leader not only in business but in their communities as well. Take a look below to see how KLI attendees are committed to providing assistance to those who are in need and making a difference in others lives.

KLI Social Giving Activities

2019 – Stand Down for Homeless Veterans

KLI attendees, along with the help of chapter leaders, participated in a teambuilding event called Stand Down for Homeless Veterans, via Volunteers of America Florida, benefitting the many veterans living below poverty level. Teams participated in trivia challenges to earn basic needs/hygiene care kits to assemble and package for those in need. 280 were donated by KLI attendees.

Far too many veterans struggle to overcome barriers that stand between them and a stable, secure life. Our service members are deployed across the globe, going in harm’s way to preserve and protect our freedom. Unfortunately, when many heroes come home, they begin a new battle that is tough to overcome: homelessness.  More than 1 in 10 homeless adults is a veteran and over 106,000 veterans in Florida along are part of this epidemic.

The “Stand Down” concept was created during the Vietnam War and provided a safe retreat, food, clean clothes, and more for units returning from combat operations. Community “Stand Downs” take place in cities country wide to support homeless veterans by providing needed food, clothing and other basic needs.

Volunteers of America of Florida helps veterans and their families find decent, safe and affordable housing and the vital support services they need to stabilize.  We make sure veterans connect to the benefits they are entitled to, and we make use of the strong bonds forged between veterans by incorporating mentoring and peer-to-peer support.  We also provide employment services that include assessment, training and placement. Help is available with everything from resume prep to job interviewing, clothing and transportation. Finding work is an important part of building back confidence and pride and sustaining independence.

Volunteers of America of Florida is recognized as the largest provider of supportive housing for homeless veterans in Florida, serving 13 communities from Pensacola to Key West.

2018 – Long Way Home

KLI attendees, along with the help of chapter leaders, participated in a teambuilding event call Painting Soles for Souls in which they designed and painted Tom shoes and canvas tote bags for Long Way Home. In the end, the entire group produced 12 pairs of shoes and 12 bags for school-aged children in Guatemala.

Long Way Home’s mission is to use sustainable design and materials to construct self-sufficient schools that promote education, employment and environment stewardship.

Long Way Home began its grassroots operations in the municipality of San Juan Comalapa, in the indigenous highlands of west-central Guatemala to build a community park, Parque Chimiya. While establishing relationships with community members they began to recognize that recreation was not top priority. It was observed that people (including children) were spending significant portions of their days carrying firewood and water to their homes without simple necessities such as having shoes to wear or bags to carry items in. This is where the concept of Painting Soles for Souls came into play with their overall vision of empowering communities to break the cycle of poverty through innovative solutions to local challenges.

2017  – The Arc of Loudoun at Paxton Campus

KLI attendees participated in a teambuilding event in which they built stuffed animals for Paxton Campus. In the end, the entire group built 80 stuffed animals for families with children with disabilities.

Paxton Campus has been serving children and families in need for 90 years. It has grown into a full-service organization with multiple programs that together provide an integrated and innovative learning environment for children of all ages and abilities.


2016 – Honoring Our Fallen

KLI attendees participated in a teambuilding event in which they competed on teams to score points to compile gift items that were placed in care packages for Honoring Our Fallen. In the end, the entire group assembled over 50 care packages that included household items, children’s toys, school supplies and more.

Honoring Our Fallen assists the families of the Fallen during their greatest time of need. Not just limited to the military, this organization also assists with the police, the fire and other government agencies that serve the public.

2015 KALI Social Giving – Forgotten Soldiers Outreach

The KALI group focused on servant leadership and created care packages for Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, Inc.

Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, Inc. has become a nationally recognized organization receiving support from all over the country. We send out monthly “We Care” packages to our United States deployed military, who have been registered by family members, friends, commanding officers or themselves.