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A Data Intelligence Platform Helps VTUG Gain a 21% Bump in Attendance and a 25% Increase in Exhibitors

October 31, 2019

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LEIP Events, based in Vancouver, WA, provides a Live Event Intelligence Platform which is an automated analytics solution that helps organizers and exhibitors target, engage and measure what attendees are researching before they get onsite then compares that data to attendees’ onsite activities during the event, and finally does tracking & analysis of the attendees activity post event.

Every event organizer and event marketer seek to increase the number of attendees and sell more sponsorships. The solution is not always singular, but access to smart data is the first step.
The Live Event Intelligence Platform (LEIP) is like having your own Data Scientist as an integral part of your event marketing team. It is a SaaS automated analytics solution that helps organizers and exhibitors target, engage and measure what attending companies are researching long before they get onsite, then following what they do onsite and even after they leave the event.

LEIP was specifically created to drive pipeline and better business outcomes for sales and marketing. The platform combines external web-monitoring (intent) data with other event gathered data into one easy-to-understand and use SaaS platform. Data such as intent data (what companies are doing buying research on across the entire WWW) with event registration data, surveys, badge scan data, what sessions were attended, what networking events were attended, what content was viewed or collected, traditional lives in multiple platforms. LEIP combines all these siloed data sets into one platform allowing marketing and sales teams to have one ranked view of their prospects. Who really matters? Who came for the free T-shirt? Access this data in one platform allows the team to spend time and effort on the ones that matter and stop wasting time and effort on the latter.

The event organizer of the VTUG user group meeting used LEIP to drive more attendance as well as to help sell (and keep) more sponsors. LEIP provided a full data program to VTUG LLC – including the integration of registration and all lead retrieval data. LEIP provided custom dashboards and ranked prospect intelligence to the organizer as well as to every exhibitor.

In 2016, without LEIP, the had 872 attendees and 28 exhibitors. Fifteen of these exhibitors signed up for the following year.

In 2017, with adding LEIP for attendee acquisition and sponsor sales they recorded 1055 attendees and 35 exhibitors. A 21 percent increase in attendance and a 25 percent increase in exhibitors.

The total cost to the organizer for the LEIP program was $27,000. The increase of seven exhibitors created an additional $56,000 in revenue. Additionally, 29 of the 35 exhibitors signed up for the following year. An unexpected return was an attendee satisfaction increased from a 7.5 to an 8.5

“We chose to make LEIP part of our exhibitor package, with no additional cost to the exhibitors. We did this for 2 reasons: 1) With the value-add of LEIP data, what every exhibitor really wants, we were confident we could easily make back our LEIP cost in additional exhibitor sales (and we did, plus more); and 2) We feel that being on the leading edge of using data in our events that our exhibitors will come back year after year – making future sales that much easier.”
Dawn Harney – CEO, VTUG LLC