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AAPEX VR Vehicle Challenge Delivers on Engagement and Sponsorship Revenues

October 31, 2019

2019 IAEE Tech Committee Expo! Expo! Show Selection

Helios Interactive, a Freeman Company, specializes in building engaging, interactive experiences for consumers in the events and retail channels. They use a variety of technologies to achieve our goals, including touch, gesture, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

AAPEX was seeking for an engaging experience that would facilitate attendees building a Virtual Reality car using auto parts from key AAPEX sponsors. The goal was to create a memorable, event themed and cutting-edge experience for attendees that would attract participation and revenue from sponsors.

Helios created a computer-generated “garage” in Virtual Reality. The environment was a full repair shop with sponsored auto parts and signage within. In a timed sequence, attendees pulled sponsored product from the shelf and built out the vehicle. The VR Headset environment was broadcast out to adjacent screens for a wider audience to enjoy and engage. A leaderboard of top scores also generated excitement.

Helios helped drive revenue for AAPEX by having the experience funded. Helios collaborated with multiple sponsors to integrate artwork, parts and storyline. Ultimately, seven sponsors were integrated into the experience. Check out the experience here.