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Accelerate the Sales Process with Automating Booth Proposals

October 31, 2019

Ungerboeck Software International, based in O’Fallon, MO, is a leading event technology platform trusted by over 50,000 event professionals in more than 50 countries and has 30+ years of event platform building.

Renewing exhibitors onsite for next year’s show is a real time-saver for organizers. But unless you’re one of the fortunate few for whom the onsite renewal process results in a sellout – and perhaps even a waitlist – there’s still plenty of work to be done. Traditionally, the process of selling booth space is a time-consuming process. Booth space is offered, calls and emails are exchanged, options are discussed, and decisions made. . . eventually. Priority point systems are great at determining the order in which companies are offered space, but logjams are easily created when companies fail to respond in a timely manner.

Ungerboeck for Exhibitions provides salespeople with the ability to easily propose one or more booth options to a given exhibitor in the form of a specially templated email. Embedded in this email are all the options being presented. Clicking on each option takes the exhibitor to the interactive floor plan where they can view that particular booth’s location and its price, as well as see who is exhibiting in neighboring booths. The exhibitor can then either accept one of the booth options or reject all and provide comments automatically to their salesperson. If the
exhibitor accepts a booth, the entire process (i.e., execution of the contract and payment of any fees due at the time) is then completed online. An expiration date can be set for each booth option, thereby limiting the amount of time each proposal remains valid.

By using the Booth Proposal feature, show organizers can streamline the offer/acceptance process while at the same time enhancing the user experience for their exhibitors. By establishing expiration dates for each proposal, the organizer’s time is freed up to move on to the next exhibitor. Proposals can be sent one at a time, or in batches; whatever process the show organizer prefers. The return to the organizer is the elimination of inefficiencies and helping their salespeople be more productive.