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IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center
IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center


Adding Gamification To Your Booth Delivers Both Fun and Education

October 31, 2019

GameBuzz, based in North Chicago, IL, provides interactive gamification systems for trade shows, training and corporate events where all the content is customized for your brand and your industry.

Tradeshows can be so overwhelming, and often an attendee doesn’t know where to look first. Exhibitors attempt to gain visibility and attract attention with displays that are bigger, louder and more spectacular. This approach does little to help visitors retain the information they absorb from the booth.

GameBuzz is a digital gamification system that lets exhibitors host a live, interactive game show all about their brand and their industry – Complete with customized logos, color palette and content about the exhibiting company. The app-based game system communicates with a host’s iPad for control of the pace and flow of the games, with the ability to pause for instructions, education and relevant messaging. It includes wireless buzzers for as many as six players and a touchscreen interface that mirrors to a large format display (projector, LED or any available format). The game installation, with six options, is designed to draw attendees to the booth and educate them about the company and their products and services – while they play.

Event gamification works because people love to play games, compete and have fun—and meanwhile they’re learning what exhibitors desires them to learn.

First-time users reported:

  • Up to 300 percent more visitors
  • Up to 100 percent more qualified leads
  • Up to 50 percent higher information retention
  • Up to 10 percent higher conversions

The above clients are in industries ranging from pharma to digital security, manufacturing to insurance. No matter what the industry, GameBuzz connects with tradeshow visitors in a way that’s immersive, engaging, educational and fun.