IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center
IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center


AI Chatbot-Based Games Inspire Attendees to Engage in Two Major Ways

AtlasRTX combines artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots with live humans to create real-time, engaging event experiences 24/7, in any language. Chatbots are text-based communication platforms that answer user questions via mobile devices. The chatbots, which the Salt Lake City, Utah firm develops, foster event engagement; help attendees navigate the event; deliver surveys and collect feedback; provide sponsor and speaker marketing opportunities and calls to action; offer post-event follow up and lead capture; and promote attendance. Merging automated responses with human responses provides for a seamless user experience.

The Corporate Event Marketing Association wanted to create a memorable experience for first-time attendees at its 2017 Summit. It also aimed to engage attendees in ways that apps could not, bring innovation and thought leadership to members, and nurture the fun and competitive nature of attendees. In response, AtlasRTX built two chatbots to run competitive engagement games. The Meet & Greet Game chatbot let attendees text in upon meeting people from specific categories, earn points, and send selfies. The Scavenger Hunt chatbot allowed players to text in to level up and get hints to locate clues.

Delivering a chatbot for the CEMA Summit required an end-to-end development timeline of twelve weeks. During that time, AtlasRTX worked with the association to establish objectives, design the games, and script, map, and approve the chatbot flow. It built, tested and worked with creative teams on game execution. The firm also invited attendees to participate, tracked engagement, created a leaderboard and awarded prizes to winners. A total of 353 attendees participated in the chatbot-facilitated games, posted an engagement rate of 98 percent, and sent 228 “shameless” selfies.