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IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center
IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center


AI Chatbots and Messaging Drive Attendee Acquisition

September 27, 2018

AtlasRTX from Park City, Utah combines artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots with human event support teams to create real-time event experiences, 24/7, in over 100 languages. Chatbots engage with attendees via text, Facebook Messenger, and Web Chat—no app downloads or WiFi access required. AtlasRTX also integrates and collaborates with many registration and event management platforms, as well as the most common CRMs and marketing automation tools.

AI chatbots have a conversational user interface, which means audiences can interact using natural language. They are smart enough to understand a question, respond, or escalate to a human team member, when necessary. Because of underlying machine learning, chatbots get smarter with every interaction. Event teams can see and understand, in real-time, what attendees think about their experiences, in their own words.

AtlasRTX’s AI chatbot platform for events supports the whole attendee journey, as well as the entire event marketing funnel and strategic event portfolio, including:

  • Attendance Promotion
  • Surveys, Polls, and Feedback
  • Event Engagement
  • Post Event Follow up
  • Lead Capture, Qualification, and Nurture
  • Mass Alerts
  • Sponsor, Speaker, and Vendor Promotion

The Las Vegas Convention Center and Visitor Authority’s (LVCVA) sales team uses AtlasRTX to provide added value to its clients, by offering modern, enhanced attendance promotion campaigns, over SMS text, with trackable links and the ability to have an AI chatbot answer prospective attendee questions 24/7, in multiple languages. The response rates and results have exceeded typical call and email campaigns.

Recently, LVCVA sent an attendance promotion campaign for a large retail show through AtlasRTX to 10,147 prospective attendees. With only two opt-outs, LVCVA was able to deliver a 6.6% clickthrough rate for the campaign. LVCVA’s client reported pre-registration numbers ahead of the previous two years.

Similarly, an annual veterinary conference attributed 100 additional registrations to the LVCVA campaign that AtlasRTX facilitated. Messages were delivered to 2,572 recipients, resulting in a 3.8% conversion rate. The veterinary conference also received feedback about the prior year’s show, by opening up a chatbot-enabled line of communication.