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IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center
IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center


Showcasing Exhibitor Giveaways in App Generates Booth Traffic and Enhances Attendee Engagement

July 15, 2019

Balou is an Encinatas, CA-based company whose mission is to level the playing field for all exhibitors regardless of booth location and company size. By downloading their Balou App event, attendees can readily find swag/trade show giveaways as well as information regarding upcoming trade shows.

Attracting new exhibitors and validating that your show will yield a positive ROI is a challenge for every event organizer. “What can you do for me?” is a common sentiment from exhibitors. They want to be seen and heard. They want attendees to engage and stop by their booth.

In early 2019, Balou collaborated with Los Angeles FitExpo who was seeking new ways to engage with their show attendees. There was minimal time to solve the challenge.

The Solution – SWAG. Balou’s mobile platform enabled exhibitors to showcase all their giveaways on their app (integrate into the show app). Giveaways ranged from simple swag, samples, too much larger prizes. If it was free for attendees, it was eligible to be displayed in the app. With the help of the event marketing team, Balou produced two social media campaigns; one to encourage exhibitors to upload their giveaways on the Balou company portal, and two to encourage the attendees to download the Balou app.

Balou’s first-year engagement with FitExpo resulted in 20 percent of exhibitors signing up for the Balou platform and 53 exhibitor giveaways uploaded to Balou (swag, prizes, and samples).

Attendee participation was active with 2000+ attendees downloading the app and 76% of those who downloaded creating an account. The average app user opened and closed Balou five times during FitExpo and giveaways were “hearted” 347 times.