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Artificial Intelligence Transformed Siebel’s Attendee Experience with an Experiment

October 31, 2019

Freeman, based in Dallas, TX, helps brands build powerful experiences. By incorporating many senses into the experiences they design for clients, they take audiences to interesting and surprising places, invent new realities, connect people in incredible ways.

Siebel attendees have a high level of interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can be applied to the real world. Siebel asked Freeman to create an “AI Experiment” that would give all attendees the opportunity to opt-in to an AI-powered experience to determine how accurate AI could be in identifying attendees, looking up relevant information, and then presenting them with a fun and engaging experience.

Freeman and Siebel tied the AI experience to on-site registration check-in, making the experience more fun and easily accessible. As attendees completed check-in and picked up their badges, they were offered the opportunity to participate in the “AI Experiment”.

An on-site photographer took a single head-shot photo of each attendee who opted in. During the photo process, the attendees were asked a couple of simple questions, such as, “What is your favorite hobby?” or “What is your favorite food?”. The photo and responses were collected on an iPad running a simple web application that immediately transferred the information to a database that could be accessed by a facial recognition program (Amazon’s Rekognition.)

Later that day when attendees were headed to the evening event party, Freeman installed a large screen monitor with a camera attached. As attendees approached the screen, the system attempted to identify who the person was by scanning through the photos taken earlier that day.

When the facial recognition program found a match, it displayed their photo from earlier and leveraged the information collected to make a fun, witty, personalized observation. Additionally, the facial recognition program displayed sentiment analysis and appearance information, such as gender, age range, and mood.

The results of the “AI Experiment” exceeded expectations and was deemed the most popular experience at the show. Over 200+ attendees (nearly 100 percent of the group) agree to participate. Registration check-in was transformed from a mundane transaction to one of the highlights of the event and the facial recognition program provided a 99 percent match rate.