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IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center
IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center


Beyond Lead Retrieval. Multi-Data Collection Options with Qualifiers and Opt-In Compliance

October 31, 2019

Boomset, based in New York, NY, provides automation software for seamless and successful events from web platforms to mobile devices. They are a 2019 Inc. 5000 Honoree, operating on six continents and servicing thousands of events with over 2 million attendees annually. Event solutions include entry management, on-demand badge printing, facial recognition, session management, RFID tracking, lead retrieval, reporting, on-site services, and more.

Data security isn’t a trend – it’s a serious and integral part of any event. Not only is maintaining data safe and secure a primary initiative for event producers but obtaining the permission to acquire it from attendees is another task for organizers and their exhibitors/sponsors. Having a place to collect data consent is ideal for when additional permission, such as GDPR compliance, is required to capture information. It serves as an added security feature for future communication post-event.

When an organizer turns on the data consent module in Boomset, the consent page appears on the lead retrieval app after a badge is scanned. It states the purpose and permission levels of data collection to justify future communication with those having their badge scanned at an event – especially when interacting with an exhibitor or sponsor at a trade show or expo.

Though every exhibitor or sponsor participates at an event in the hopes of generating more business or expand their network, everyone has different means in reaching their target ROI. The qualifiers feature are customizable questions that can be used as valuable, more targeted data points to further “qualify” a lead and produce a more efficient follow-up process.

Questions can be asked in a variety of ways, from multiple choice and fill-in boxes to a rating scale and are meant to collect the information needed not only faster but interactively with attendees. It’s an entirely customizable experience offered to each unique exhibiting business or brand and can be used as a stand-alone way to collect information. Check out how it works here.

A recent 2019 small-scale event in Singapore utilized Boomset for check-in, badging and lead retrieval and opted to use the qualifiers experience differently. The objective was to gather feedback from a random selection of attendees to better gauge their event session content success.

Custom qualifiers were created for each of the unique session tracks. The organizer’s team approached attendees, asked to scan their badge, and proceeded to collect valuable feedback about the sessions the attendee had entered.

The volume or quantity of attendees in each room wasn’t as much of the desired statistic as was the quality of the session content. In the end, they obtained the feedback for a super-targeted survey from 10 percent of their show attendance.