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Creating Self-Assembling Virtual Events During Crisis

April 8, 2020

When COVID-19 hit the United States, many events were getting cancelled. The Palmer Group, a consulting firm that work on digital transformation, marketing, strategy, data science, AI and Machine Learning, wanted to create a solution that could bring several industries together. The New York firm built PGX -a holistic solution of content marketing, social networking, virtual meetings, conferences, salons and other interactive events available online and via mobile app.

PGX attracted over 1,700 attendees within a couple of weeks of launching with virtually no advertising. The “network” is now growing over 5% per day.

The Palmer Group has reported that revenue has been significant as attendees and participants take advantage of digital products such as courses, admission fees to special meetings and events and merchandise. Sponsors have the opportunity to participate in the background and learn new ways to create value outside of traditional sales channels.

As the need for virtual events increase during this time, The Palmer Group expects to evolve the content calendar to craft highly focused, online “trade shows.”