As a consistently top-tier rated venue, the OCCC is dedicated to creating Transformational Experiences.As a consistently top-tier rated venue, the OCCC is dedicated to creating Transformational Experiences.As a consistently top-tier rated venue, the OCCC is dedicated to creating Transformational Experiences.
IAEE Tech Guide
IAEE Tech Guide


Digital Pocket Passport with RFID Entry and Gamification

May 26, 2020

Boomset, based in New York, NY, provides automation software for seamless and successful events from web platforms to mobile devices. They are a 2019 Inc. 5000 Honoree, operating on six continents and servicing thousands of events with over 2 million attendees annually. Event solutions include entry management, on-demand badge printing, facial recognition, session management, RFID tracking, lead retrieval, reporting, on-site services, and more.

Many organizers look for innovative elements to wow their attendees without sacrificing the event management and the security of precious data. With its continued growth and global expansion, Boomset collaborates with clients on out-of-the-box ideas for attendee engagement.

Boomset helped map out the attendee journey from entry and throughout Yext’s ONWARD19 event. Attendees interacted with the event through Boomset solutions and proved to be a live example that defined Yext’s own marketing initiatives & event purpose: the consumer search experience and the overall customer journey.

ONWARD19 attendees began their digital journey in a sleek registration area, receiving their credentials and a custom mobile message once checked in. The message contained their personal URL link to their digital scorecard to earn points & redeem for prizes.

The process for the digital playbook were as followed:

  • Badges distinguished nearly 2,300 people (attendees, staff and sponsors) printing their registration type in color at check-in. Boomset’s Entry Management & RFID Automation eliminated clunky computers typically needed for mobile on-demand color badge printing.
  • Each attendee got their badge & NFC wristband paired with their unique information at check-in. The custom message they received officially kicked off their entry with a link to their personal scorecard, a “sticker/stamp-free digital passport” to collect points.
  • Over 500 of the event’s total 3,200+ leads were captured via Boomset’s Lead Retrieval app in kiosk mode at the Hitchhiker’s Lounge. This experiential area invited attendees to check in by tapping into the customized lead retrieval kiosk, which collected their information and awarded the attendee with points.
  • The scorecard was a real-time visual of points acquired as they engaged with the event workshops/activations. Attendees had to be as interactive as possible to earn prizes, tapping their wristband into sessions & activations (like painting) and visiting the 26 exhibiting event partners. Their scorecard served as the “digital passport at their fingertips,” accessible at any time on their personal device & synced according to their participation.
  • Viewing their digital journey/point balance on the scorecard, an attendee could unlock levels to redeem certain items at Yext’s onsite “Swag Store.” Yext event staff servicing the store could view & verify an attendee’s eligibility for items by simply tapping their wristband & redeeming qualified items.

Boomset figuratively and literally took ONWARD19 attendees to the next level based on their personal interaction.

Boomset has worked on advancements to their current offerings, which includes facial recognition check-in, gamified item redemption and mobile scorecard, and interactive lead retrieval kiosks. In 2020, Boomset has released their own event registration and ticketing platform.