IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center
IAEE Tech Guide - Brought to You by: Austin Convention Center


Drone Activation Drives Booth Traffic and Membership Conversions

Meeting Expectations designed the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) membership booth activation in the Exhibitor Showcase at COLLABORATE 2016 (the group’s annual conference). The booth served as an information hub for attendees, OAUG members, and potential new members.  A “Fly Higher” booth theme was intended to attract, educate, and entertain attendees with drones and drone technology.

The booth was part of an engagement journey called THEgame of Drones, where participants visited key partner booths on the exhibit floor, “earned their wings” after interacting with each partner, and brought the wings to the OAUG booth. Once the wings were earned, THEgame of Drones participants trained for drone races using virtual reality headsets, video games, and simulations. Booth staff shared key OAUG membership benefits and value propositions with attendees who also participated in real-life drone races against each other in a special exhibit racing course.

The OAUG membership booth incorporated a 25-foot-high netted flying zone where attendees could watch and participate in drone demonstrations. One side of the booth featured counters for hands-on equipment training with drone experts using simulations and video games driven by real drone controllers. Attendees learned about different types of drones and how they fly and then trained for drone racing by flying virtual drones through a challenging and obstacle-packed landscape.

Attendees who visited the booth received:

  • Mini-drones for the first 20 attendees to visit the booth each day
  • Mini foam rockets printed with oaug.org/fly, a landing page where they could access free career-enhancing white papers and downloads
  • A chance to win free registration to COLLABORATE 2017
  • One DJI Phantom 3 drone, drawn from booth scans
  • Flash drives pre-loaded with OAUG conference session materials

The primary objective of THEgame of Drones was to attract and captivate attendees to promote the benefits of OAUG membership and encourage qualified non-member attendees to activate a 6-month introductory membership. The OAUG membership booth also sought to attract and engage 5,500 attendees over the course of three days and spread the mission to enhance members’ use of their technology investments. Bringing a cutting-edge consumer technology to the booth gave the OAUG brand a forward-thinking appeal.

Additionally, THEgame of Drones provided a sponsorship opportunity for partner companies exhibiting at COLLABORATE. Attendees visited the partner booths to collect logoed pilot wings that were “redeemed” at the OAUG membership booth.

The activation resulted in more than 800 membership booth visits from COLLABORATE attendees, $24,000 in sponsorship revenue from participating partners, and 9 new paid OAUG memberships. Also, 33 nonmember attendees activated a free 6-month introductory membership, an 83% increase over the previous year and six months later, six of the 33 introductory members paid to renew their membership for a full year; a 600% increase from a year earlier.

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